Edition 4247

Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4247 13/01/2001 Christmas opening hailed a success Co-op news 1 Christmas day opening, West Midlands Society
4247 13/01/2001 New showpiece store open in Southwell Co-op news 1 Greater Nottingham Co-op, CWS Market Town Format, David Hindle
4247 13/01/2001 Travelcare in Tesco link up Co-op news 1 Tesco, CWS, Yvonne Rankin, Travelcare
4247 13/01/2001 Co-op Bank set to install 350 new cash machines Co-op news 2 LINK (ATM) machines, Patrick Walsh, satellite technology
4247 13/01/2001 Co-op’s wine pair a corking success Co-op news 2 Dave Ferguson, North eastern co-op, Wines and Spirits Educational Trust Diploma, Paul Tait
4247 13/01/2001 New Lincoln brochure published Co-op news 2 Lincoln Society history brochure
4247 13/01/2001 Phone Co-op appointments Co-op news 2 Kevin Kewin, Amanda Beard, Helen Wiseman
4247 13/01/2001 United’s e-store manager Co-op news 2 Andrew Partington, United Norwest Society
4247 13/01/2001 Colchester invests in flagship supermarket Co-op news 3 Co-op Fiveways supermarket, Colin Martin, member relations lounge, Colchester and East Sussex Co-op
4247 13/01/2001 End of an era as Plymco sells off last supermarket Co-op news 3 Honicknowle, Douglas Fletcher, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, Tesco
4247 13/01/2001 Online sales still growing says Verdict Co-op news 3 Verdict, ‘Electronic Shopping 2001’
4247 13/01/2001 Operations manager for Snips Co-op news 3 Dennis Elliot, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
4247 13/01/2001 COMMENT: Compromise is good for you Co-op News 6 CWS Rules and Practices Review Board, Co-operative Commission (2001)
4247 13/01/2001 LEGISLATION PROTECTS COMMUNITIES: Irish learn the lessons from UK superstores Anthony Garvey 6 retail planning, Noel Dempsey, Dublin, Ailish Forde
4247 13/01/2001 Portrait of an historic road: recommended reading Andrew Scott 6 A1 highway, Nigel Richardson
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: C-store profits face new threat Ken Nolan 7 Tesco Metro, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury Local, Co-op convenience stores
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Greedy society A. C. Carter 7 Co-op stores, Christmas day opening
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Age rules and discrimination Ron Bill 7 Human Rights Act, CWS Review Board
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Kent society is the oldest Alan Harvey 7 Geraint Day, Isle of Sheppey, CWS South East, the Economical Society
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Reactionary hullabaloo Rob Greene 7 Christmas day opening, CWS
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Staggered at deal Andrew Martin 7 Co-op News website, Travelcare, Tesco
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Takeover threat Ray Manning 7 ICI, Laporte, NHS, Degussa SKW
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Arming the competition Colin Richell 7 CWS, CRS, Barbara Rogers
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: Barnsley Boys? Kate Whittle 7 Barnsley CWS Pioneer Store
4247 13/01/2001 NEWS POSTBAG: NI a part in success story Erskine Holmes 7 Co-operative Councils, Lord Graham of Edmonton, UKCC, CWS, CIS