Edition 4069

Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4069 15/07/1997 Executive role for new bank chief Co-op News 1 Alan Prescott, Mervyn Pedelty, Terry Thomas, Co-operative Bank, TSB, CWS
4069 15/07/1997 Heads roll over Lanica affair Co-op News 1 Peter Large, Travers Smith Braithwaite, Lanica, CWS, Andrew Salmon, Galileo, Andrew Regan, Nigel Pantling, Nigel Campion-Smith, Hambros Bank, Allan Green
4069 15/07/1997 Yorkshire unveils £30m battle plan Co-op News 1 Yorkshire Co-operatives, Co-op Late Shops, Tony Henry, Co-op Food Markets
4069 15/07/1997 LETTERS: Ban on alcopops showed great courage Dr. Peter Davis 2 alcopops
4069 15/07/1997 LETTERS: Fair play for Cuba George Owen 2 LETTER, Co-op Movement, condemnation of the blockage of Cuba, America
4069 15/07/1997 LETTERS: The logo vanishes Graham Guest 2 CRS, logo, CWS
4069 15/07/1997 LETTERS: Public mislead over 'Co-op's' alcopops ban Richard Kimberley 2 alcopops, LETTER
4069 15/07/1997 LETTERS: Labour must not surrender sovereignty of British people R. McKay 2 Labour Party, sovereignty, Edward Heath, LETTER, Maastricht Treaty, Eric Woolsey's letter
4069 15/07/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Budget lays foundations for a better Britain Jim Dobbin MP 2 Gordon Brown, Budget
4069 15/07/1997 Co-op puts politics before profits, say retail experts Co-op News 3 Co-operative Retailing report, Mintel
4069 15/07/1997 Food sales fall hits Movement's trade performance Co-op News 3 Co-op trading sectors
4069 15/07/1997 Pupils pass CRS consumer challenge Co-op News 3 Young Consumer '97, Institute of Trading Standards Administration
4069 15/07/1997 Swedish fact finding trip Co-op News 3 Anne Moore, Sean Bish, Peter Rowbotham
4069 15/07/1997 IRA stars of the silver screen Eddie McDonnell 4 cinema going, Princess Diana, IRA movie
4069 15/07/1997 Why can't co-operators join their local society? Elaine Dean 4 membership procedures, Ilkeston Co-op, Lanica, 'open membership', Andrew Regan, Co-operative Societies
4069 15/07/1997 A good tune for educating the people David Lazell 5 Robert Courtneidge, Working-class movement, The Clarion, Co-operative News, musical comedy, Robert Blatchford, W.M. Bamford, A. M. Thompson
4069 15/07/1997 Bridge to Japan Co-op News 8 Japan, Rochdale Pioneers Museum, Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society, Toad Lane
4069 15/07/1997 COMMENT: Outside the stockade Co-op News 8 Regan, Mintel (market analyst), Institute of Grocery Distribution, 'Co-operative Retailing' report
4069 15/07/1997 German lessons for the UK Movement Iain Williamson 8 Japan, Germany, Co-op Movement in Britain, 'Pioneers of Co-operation
4069 15/07/1997 Hold tight for re-launch Co-op News 9 Co-op hosiery range
4069 15/07/1997 Housing co-ops build on record of success: Homes set for growth Co-op News 9 Co-operative Party weekend school, Sandwell, Birmingham, Stanford Hall, Midlands Co-op
4069 15/07/1997 Music to their ears Co-op News 9 Lincoln Co-operative Society, Music for schools
4069 15/07/1997 New president faces mounting pressure on staff and resources Co-op News 9 Delma-Rose Yorath, Funeral Standards Council, Solihull, Tony McCarthy
4069 15/07/1997 Scottish Women's Guild congress Co-op News 9 suicides in prisons, Musselburgh, Drink drivers
4069 15/07/1997 Arty students win Co-op's eco challenge Co-op News 10 Townshead School: St Albans, South Midland Co-op's Eco Challenge