Edition 4065

Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4065 17/06/1997 Alcopops banned from Co-op shops Co-op News 1 Alcoholic soft drinks, Tony Henry, co-op shops, alcopops, Bill Shannon, Paul Griffiths, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
4065 17/06/1997 Creature comforts Co-op News 1 Scottish co-op, shopping boxes, Scottish Isles, lambs, crofters
4065 17/06/1997 Hambros counts the cost for role in Lanica affair Co-op News 1 Norton Rose, Andrew Regan, Graham Melmouth, private prosecution, CWS, Sir Chips Keswick, Lanica, Hambros Bank
4065 17/06/1997 LETTERS: Chance to create a single currency without hysteria Eric Woolsey 2 LETTER, economic democracy, Economy
4065 17/06/1997 LETTERS: German threat to our sovereignty Margaret Toch 2 Single Currency, LETTER
4065 17/06/1997 LETTERS: Smart way to revive divi Derek Howard 2 loyalty cards, Dividend, smart card, LETTER, Congress
4065 17/06/1997 OBITUARY: Jim Charlton Coventry Society Co-op News 2 Jim Charlton, Coventry Society
4065 17/06/1997 OBITUARY: Victoria Ryan – Reading CRS Co-op News 2 Victoria (Vicky) Ryan, trade unionist, lifetime co-operator, Ruskin College Oxford, Reading CRS, Lily Hill Preservation Society
4065 17/06/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Maiden speeches and mighty issues Peter Clarke 2 Andy Love MP, David Taylor MP, Co-op Party, parliamentary group, George Foulkes MP, Alun Michael MP, Bernie Grant MP, Ken Purchase MP
4065 17/06/1997 Cash boost for city's fruit and veg co-op Co-op News 3 Richard McEvoy, housing estate, Leeds, Leeds Social services, Halton Moor Project, food co-op, Leeds Co-op
4065 17/06/1997 Mrs Scargill settles dispute with CRS Co-op News 3 CRS, Barnsley, Anne Scargill, redundancy dispute
4065 17/06/1997 Three cheers for 3 bears Co-op News 3 Co-operative Young Film Makers, CRS
4065 17/06/1997 Women's Guild Congress report Co-op News 3 National Lottery, The Arms trade, Hastings, British Telecom
4065 17/06/1997 Shaping the next generation. Alan Wilkins & Jan Ferguson look at how we can encourage young people to play a more active part in their local co-op society Alan Wilkins & Jan Ferguson 4 Esperanto, ICA Congress 1995, Co-op College, 'A Co-operative Future', Woodcraft Folk
4065 17/06/1997 Green approach to playtime Co-op News 9 Sunnyside Primary school, Environment, North eastern co-op, Coulby Newham, Cleveland, playground
4065 17/06/1997 Community Co-ops could help combat malnutrition Co-op News 10 community cafés, national Food Alliance, NFA report 'Myths About Food and Low Income', Community Co-ops, food poverty, CWS report 'Plate Of The Nation', poor diets
4065 17/06/1997 ken steers vintage service Co-op News 10 travel, chauffeur, United Norwest Co-op
4065 17/06/1997 MP sparks Cypriot debate Co-op News 10 Andy Love MP, Cyprus, maiden speech
4065 17/06/1997 New management team Co-op News 10 Scottish co-op, management team
4065 17/06/1997 Bereavement centre opens Co-op News 11 Leicester, Midlands Co-op funeral services, Pocklington House bereavement and funeral advice centre
4065 17/06/1997 CRS to invest millions Co-op News 11 CRS non-food, Norwich, Homeworld stores, Rochdale, Chorley, department stores
4065 17/06/1997 Managers take five Co-op News 11 “five a side”, Pioneer stores, Dover Sandwich
4065 17/06/1997 Society elects new president Co-op News 11 Midlands Co-op, Kathleen Paterson
4065 17/06/1997 Agency profits from Euro strategy Co-op News 12 Humberside Co-operative Development Agency, European Social Fund, Andy Woodburn, European Regional Development Fund
4065 17/06/1997 Annie's birthday ton Co-op News 12 100th birthday, Annie May Cox, Stechford- Birmingham