Edition 4062

Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
4062 27/05/1997 Brakes put on new Co-op Bill Co-op News 1 Gordon Brown, Co-op Party, safeguards for the Movement, Don Touhig MP, Peter Clarke, Labour Party, Private Members Bill, Peter Walker: CEO Co-op Council, Co-operatives Bill, Linda Gilroy MP, Dennis Turner MP
4062 27/05/1997 Global role for UK co-ops; “it is not enough to simply live on that record from the past, We have the opportunity to make the arguments for the future” Co-op News 1 Euro-sceptics, CWS, Pauline Green MEP, Lanica, socialist group, co-op identity, Co-operatives Bill, co-op congress, European Parliament, Industrial & Provident Societies Act, CRS, Labour/Co-op
4062 27/05/1997 COMMENT Will they be back? Co-op News 2 Lanica, Securities and Investments Board, CWS, Andrew Regan, new Co-operatives Bill, Statuary watchdog for the City, Graham Melmoth
4062 27/05/1997 LETTERS 'Divided we stand on New Labour' Mike McDougall (Greater Nottingham Co-op Party Council) 2 New Labour, loyalty, clause lV, Co-op Party
4062 27/05/1997 LETTERS Bank should co-operate to provide efficient high street service J. W. Charlton 2 Yorkshire Bank, Co-op Bank, Robert Owen, LETTER
4062 27/05/1997 LETTERS CWS mustn't give up its strengths for superstores W.D. Shannon (head of corporate affairs CWS) 2 retail sector, Lanica, Ray Henderson, LETTER, CWS
4062 27/05/1997 Message from the ICA for International Co-operative Day Co-op News 2 world community, Environment and Sustainable Development, Food and Agricultural Organisation, agricultural co-operatives, Co-operative Agenda 21, food security, Rio Conference, United Nations
4062 27/05/1997 Bank customer sues staff for raid injury Co-op News 3 Robert Robb, legal proceedings, Durham City branch, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Co-op Bank, robbery
4062 27/05/1997 MP attacks job losses in parliamentary début: 'I shall make it my business to pursue the ideals and practicalities of co-operation' Co-op News 3 Phil Hope MP for Corby, Labour Government, House of Commons, steel, maiden speech, tube manufacturing, Co-operative Party
4062 27/05/1997 POLITICAL NOTEBOOK A dream come true Peter Clarke (National Secretary Co-operative Party) 3 human rights, Queen's Speech, Peter Mandleson, Westminster, national minimum wage, Food Standards Agency (FSA), land mines, politics, Low Pay Commission, UNESCO, Co-operators into Parliament, arms sales, Co-op Party, referenda on devolution
4062 27/05/1997 Taking the stress out of work Co-op News 3 Dick Underwood, Leeds Co-op, Alan Gill, professional counselling service
4062 27/05/1997 Top Draw Co-op News 3 Co-op Dairies, Peter Vaughan, dairy industry
4062 27/05/1997 Vintage hearse given new lease of life Co-op News 3 Horse drawn hearse, Manchester, Co-op Funeral Services Droylsden, Elwyn Thomas
4062 27/05/1997 No (NEWS) would mean no co-op: Co-operative Congress Cardiff 97 Co-op News 4 Alan Gill, newspaper's circulation, Co-operative News, co-op members, Pat Wheatly
4062 27/05/1997 Warning on 'modified' food Co-op News 4 John Griffiths (Worcester Region CRS), Bill Shannon (CWS), Congress, ethical trading
4062 27/05/1997 Green light for Congress merger Co-op News 5 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, Lloyd Wilkinson, merger, CWS, Bob Burlton, Co-operative Union
4062 27/05/1997 Need for co-ops to be protected by statute: Co-operative Congress Cardiff 97 Co-op News 5 UK economy, stakeholder economy, Mervyn Wilson, Congress fringe meeting, The Co-operative Act, Community Co-ops, Charlie Cattell, Peter Couchman (Oxford swindon and Gloucester Society)
4062 27/05/1997 Praise for victors in the Lanica fight Co-op News 5 Alan Gill, Lanica, Katherine Patterson (Midlands Society), George Brown (Scottish Midland Society), The Rochdale Pioneers, Bruce Bennett (Inner London CRS), possible merger (CWS/CRS), Frank Croft, CWS, co-operative principles, Harry Twigg (Sheffield Society)
4062 27/05/1997 Call for closer ties between CTRG and CIS Co-op News 6 CWS, distribution, advertising, CRS, warehousing, purchasing, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
4062 27/05/1997 Mutual profits for members Co-op News 6 Dividend, retail sector, trading
4062 27/05/1997 Smart move by Co-operative Bank set to keep ahead of rivals in technology race Co-op News 6 smartcard technology, Alan Prescott, The Co-operative Bank, CWS
4062 27/05/1997 Why the battle for the Co-op doesn't end with Lanica: CWS Annual General Meeting Co-op News 6 CWS assets, Co-op College, CWS, Frank Croft, Andrew Regan, Beryl Fulshaw, the Co-op difference, Vivian Woodell, Co-operative Union, Donald Maclean, Pat Watters (CWS Scottish Southern Region), Derek Smythe, George Brown, Lanica, the Stornoway store
4062 27/05/1997 Building up profits for the future Co-op News 7 CWS, dividend card pilot scheme, Profit growth, scanning, David Wise
4062 27/05/1997 Board welcomes chance to explain its approach to motions Co-op News 8 Wessex Region CRS, Edgar Evans, CWS
4062 27/05/1997 Call for more high street branches Co-op News 8 telephone banking, bank cash machines, IT driven initiatives, Co-op Bank, Leeds Co-op