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20030719 19/07/2003 Co-ops UK to launch best practice review Co-op News 3 Pauline Green, corporate governance, Adrian Coles
20030809 09/08/2003 Panel reflects broad movement Pauline Green 10 Building Societies Association, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Blaise Lambert, Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Bob Cannell, Suma Wholefoods, Adrian Coles, Co-operatives UK, Corporate Governance review panel, Shaun Spiers
20040320 20/03/2004 Vital lessons for Co-ops in Equitable Life report Co-op News 7 Equitable Life, Building Societies Association, Penrose Report, Adrian Coles
20040529 29/05/2004 CONGRESS 2004: Governance code on its way – Coles Co-op News 5 Co-operatives UK, Adrian Coles, Chris Braithwaite, Corporate Governance Review, CBA Marketing Research
20050614 14/06/2005 Full governance code for co-ops Co-op News 7 Co-operatives UK, 'Good Governance - the code of best practice', Adrian Coles, Corporate Governance Review
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Chelmsford leading corporate governance standards in Movement Malcolm Wallace 23 'Good Governance - the code of best practice', Chelmsford Star Co-op, Adrian Coles
20080527 27/05/2008 Building societies are ready to ride credit crunch Paul Gosling 18 Building Societies, financial services, Adrian Coles, Building Societies Association