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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040619 19/06/2004 Bradford boost Co-op News 3 Bradford City Football Club, Peter Marks, United Co-operatives
20040619 19/06/2004 Prime Minister salutes top social entrepreneurs Co-op News 4 'Green Works’, Downing Street
20040619 19/06/2004 Midlands shares its success with staff Co-op News 4 Midlands Co-op, Employee Dividend
20040619 19/06/2004 Anyone for wife carrying or Gird and Cleek? Co-op News 4 Travelcare, ‘Alternative Sports Spot’, Euro 2004, summer Olympics
20040619 19/06/2004 Cafédirect float hits £5m target Co-op News 4 Cafédirect, Fairtrade, Penny Newman, Triodos Bank
20040619 19/06/2004 Star now in store Co-op News 5 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, John Thompson, St Oswalds Hospice – Newcastle
20040619 19/06/2004 NE Co-op sponsors Miners Gala again Co-op News 5 Fairtrade, Steve Warren, Durham Miners Gala, George Robson, North East Co-op banner
20040619 19/06/2004 Leeds Co-op shoppers reject carrier bag tax Co-op News 5 Leeds Co-op, Alan Gill, plastic carrier bags
20040619 19/06/2004 Swiss go bananas Co-op News 5 Fairtrade, AgroFair
20040619 19/06/2004 USDAW setting the membership pace Co-op News 5 John Hannett, membership, USDAW
20040619 19/06/2004 Education on aid still a vital issue Don Touhig 7 Hilary Benn MP, Millennium Development Goals, global poverty, overseas aid, Fairtrade, Campaign for Global Education
20040619 19/06/2004 OUR VIEW: A wake up call for the big two Co-op News 7 United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Iraq conflict, European elections
20040619 19/06/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 John Gallacher, Pendleton Society
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Big business homes in on healthcare James Nicholl 10 Dr. Michael Dixon GP, foundation hospitals, NHS Alliance, Primary Care Trusts
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Price differential must be addressed Ray Manning 10 Fairtrade, organic produce
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Straight talking Chris Richardson 10 diversity, ‘Straight Talking Holiday Guide’, Travelcare
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Low fat frustration John D Beasley 10 Co-op brand products
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: We have to keep our assets in the family Colin Richell 10 selling off assets, Martin Beaumont, Ken Nolan
20040619 19/06/2004 OBITUARY: Sydney Collard Co-op News 10 Great Horton Society, Bradford Council
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Iraqis don’t need this so called liberation Stuart Calton 11 Iraq, Afghanistan, New Labour, Mike Gapes MP
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: What happened to free banking? MD Mathieson 11 charges for cash withdrawals, Co-op Bank
20040619 19/06/2004 POSTBAG: Youth initiative Richard Bickle 11 UK Society for Co-operative Studies, Co-operative Youth Commission
20040619 19/06/2004 Doctors’ co-operative healthier than ever Kevin McGrother 12 Mo Girach, South East London Doctors Co-operative (SELDOC)
20040619 19/06/2004 Domestic violence hits the workplace too Malcolm Wallace 12 domestic violence, trade unions, Trades Councils, Co-operatives, Women’s Aid, TUC
20040619 19/06/2004 Co-op is a family affair for the Hills Susan Press 13 Scotmid, Gerry Hill, Joe Hill, Co-op Development Agency (Scotland), Co-operative Commission (2001)