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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040320 20/03/2004 POSTBAG: Free energy a real possibility Eddie Beckett 11 green living, Kevin McGrother, Nikola Tesler
20040320 20/03/2004 POSTBAG: Recycling initiative Alan Holmes 11 carrier bags, G. Stephenson
20040320 20/03/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 11 Food co-op to move – Ann Arbor News (Michigan US), Fighting for jobs – CBC (Canada), Integrated Energy plan - Daily Dispatch (South Africa), Change of status – Snuff (New Zealand)
20040320 20/03/2004 Farm co-op thrives on organic milk demand Kevin McGrother 12 Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo), Peter Lemmy
20040320 20/03/2004 Young co-operator a seasoned campaigner Susan Press 13 Olive Co-operative, Zaytoun, Fairtrade, International Co-operative Solutions, Jo Bird, Palestinian olive oil
20040327 27/03/2004 Co-op at the South Pole Co-op News 1 Michael McGrath, Muscle Help Foundation
20040327 27/03/2004 New record profits for Midlands Co-op Co-op News 1 Willie Tucker, trading results, Midlands Co-op
20040327 27/03/2004 Group linked with British based chain Co-op News 1 Londis, Conveco, The Co-operative Group
20040327 27/03/2004 Long serving employees' awards Co-op News 2 Sants, Paul Booth, United Co-op Healthcare Group, Julie Bebbington
20040327 27/03/2004 MPs back mutual housing scheme Co-op News 2 Mutual Home Ownership, Early Day Motion (EDM)
20040327 27/03/2004 Beefing up meat sales Co-op News 2 butchery , The Co-operative Group, Awards
20040327 27/03/2004 CRTG welcomes Lincolnshire Co-op News 2 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, Malcolm Hepworth, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20040327 27/03/2004 United's charity £100,000 Co-op News 3 Tim Hurrell, United Co-op Charitable Foundation
20040327 27/03/2004 Co-op MPs' minimum wage boost for youth Co-op News 3 USDAW, David Lepper MP, Angela Smith MP, Patricia Hewitt MP, Andy Reed MP
20040327 27/03/2004 Farmcare's lead on environment Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, David Gardner, Farmcare, Environmental Management Manual
20040327 27/03/2004 Party's Scottish secretary bows out Co-op News 3 Jim Lee, Scottish Co-op Party, Joe Hill
20040327 27/03/2004 Bank and CIS celebrate awards success Co-op News 4 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Sustainability Reporting Awards, Co-op Bank, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
20040327 27/03/2004 CFS hit by pensions row Co-op News 4 strike action, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Unifi banking union
20040327 27/03/2004 Co-op Party Conference date Co-op News 4 Co-op Party Conference (2004)
20040327 27/03/2004 Leeds Fairtrade double Co-op News 5 Felipe Miza Castro, Fairtrade, John Battle MP, Leeds Co-op
20040327 27/03/2004 Government embraces co-operative endeavour Co-op News 5 Regeneration, Helen Seymour, tackling deprivation, Labour Party spring conference
20040327 27/03/2004 Emma's employee of the year award Co-op News 5 Midlands Co-operative Funeral service, Emma Henderson
20040327 27/03/2004 Flexible mortgage with 'green' features Co-op News 5 fixed rate mortgage, Climate Care, Co-op Bank
20040327 27/03/2004 Credit union helped Co-op News 6 Cestria Credit Union (Co Durham), Community Dividend Scheme
20040327 27/03/2004 Ground breaking work recognised Co-op News 6 Association of British credit Unions (ABCUL) AGM 2004