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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040221 21/02/2004 Love’s Bill on health and safety Co-op News 5 health and safety bill, Andy Love MP, Parliament
20040221 21/02/2004 New membership study Co-op News 5 Johnston Birchall, Co-op College, West Midlands Social Economy Partnership
20040221 21/02/2004 Co-op boost for former lunch club Co-op News 6 Bedworth Health Community Centre, Heart of England Co-op
20040221 21/02/2004 Tesco to sell former Co-op? Co-op News 6 Tesco, The Co-operative Group, Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Slough, Competition Commission
20040221 21/02/2004 Call centres committed to UK Co-op News 6 Sheila MacDonald, Co-op Bank, service centres, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20040221 21/02/2004 New framework set to provide a big boost for charities Jean Dollimore 7 'Charities and Not-for-Profits: A Modern Legal Framework’, Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), voluntary sector, Charity Commission, Charities Bill
20040221 21/02/2004 OUR VIEW: Towards a more co-operative UK Co-op News 7 Lowick – Cumbria, Co-operative schools
20040221 21/02/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Prestwich Co-operative Society, Preston Society, North-Western Convalescent Homes Association
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Patients on seeds infringe our rights Gareth Howell 10 seed patents, Monsanto, Basmuthi – India, Genetic Modification (GM)
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Does Blair want informed voters? Bernard Parry 10 Tony Blair, Hutton Report, illegal war
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Copyright hitch to Lowry prints David Chambers 10 The Co-operative Group, copyright, L. S. Lowry
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: IT contract an own goal? Steve Healey 10 Fujitsu, The Co-operative Group, West Midlands Co-op
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Ulster said no Erskine Holmes 10 tuition fees, Ulster MPs
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: United results will vindicate merger Philip Jones 11 United Norwest, merger, Yorkshire Co-operatives, Neville Cox
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Stop selling assets Colin Richell 11 Martin Beaumont, Tesco, The Co-operative Group, Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: It’s ‘snow’ joke Mike Paxton 11 Genetic Modification (GM)
20040221 21/02/2004 POSTBAG: Co-op’s music hall past Alan Judd 11 St George’s Music Hall – Nottingham
20040221 21/02/2004 OBITUARY: Bob Knight Alison Cooper 11 Kettering Co-op, Leicestershire Co-op, Bob Knight
20040221 21/02/2004 Community funds regenerate Dorset Kevin McGrother 12 Dorset Owl and Hawk Group, sustainable development, Dorset County Council, Fruit Swap, ‘Chalk and Cheese’, Farmers Radio, Sarah Watson
20040221 21/02/2004 SHOP TALK New look to M&S? Selfridges upheaval: Oxfam on attack Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Guardian 12 Stephen Sunnucks, Peter Williams, Oxfam, ‘Trading Away Our Rights’
20040221 21/02/2004 Progressives stick to co-operative principles Susan Press 13 Denis Hayes, Martin Beaumont, National Federation of Progressive Co-operators
20040221 21/02/2004 The Atkins diet: a niche market for the Co-op? Vic Parks 14 Atkins Diet, property sell-offs
20040221 21/02/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Co-ops criticised – India
20040228 28/02/2004 Kuldip’s double role Co-op News 1 Special Constables, Kuldip Kaur, West Midlands Asian Funeral Service
20040228 28/02/2004 Beaumont pledges action over staff survey findings Co-op News 1 Co-operative Group staff survey, Richard Bide, Martin Beaumont