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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20040131 31/01/2004 POSTBAG: Co-op solution for BCCI Gareth Howell 10 Robert Kilroy-Silk, racist language
20040131 31/01/2004 POSTBAG: Why do we fund Labour? Mary Lethby 10 Labour Party
20040131 31/01/2004 Alternative therapies lead to new venture Co-op News 11 Social Enterprise Sunderland (SES), Body Works, Karen Ramage, therapies
20040131 31/01/2004 Israel's co-op venture aims to bring peace Kevin McGrother 12 Busthaina Dabit, Co-op Party, the Middle East, Fred Schlomka, Israel, Hoyland Handicrafts Society, Mosaic Communities, Jo Bird
20040131 31/01/2004 Co-operating to tackle Scottish social issues Cathy Jamieson 12 Freedom From Fear Campaign, Co-op Party, Martin Meteyard, Sir Bill Connor, Scottish co-op, USDAW, Peter Peacock, Joe Hill
20040131 31/01/2004 Activist Virendra battles against 'dowry' system Susan Press 13 Co-op Party, The Co-operative Group – North London Area Committee, Cllr. Virendra Sharma, weddings, Ealing
20040131 31/01/2004 SHOP TALK: Clothing Chief quits: Sainsbury sluggish: Asda rapped for claim: Tesco set to expand The Times, The Scotsman, The Mirror, The Independent 13 Marks & Spencer, David Norgrove, Sir Terry Leahy, Advertising Standards Authority, Sir Peter Davis
20040131 31/01/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 15 Bank Targets co-ops (Nigeria)
20040214 14/02/2004 Co-op Party’s election hopeful Co-op News 1 Sarah McCarthy-Fry
20040214 14/02/2004 Scotmid takes over eight Alldays stores Co-op News 1 Colin Bird, Alldays, Scotmid, Semi-Chem stores
20040214 14/02/2004 Award puts Liz in the spotlight Co-op News 2 Education Business Partnership Awards, Southern Co-operatives, Liz Burgess
20040214 14/02/2004 Cardiff aims for a Fairtrade first Co-op News 2 First Fairtrade Capital of the World, Cardiff Council, Wales Fairtrade Forum, Fairtrade City status, Cllr. Philip Robinson
20040214 14/02/2004 Stirling weekend Co-op News 2 Young Co-operators Network, Ian Davidson MP, Co-op Party weekend school – Stirling
20040214 14/02/2004 Food turnover on the rise Co-op News 2 consumer Co-operative Movement
20040214 14/02/2004 Heart of England backs theatre scheme Co-op News 3 Richard Samson, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Heart of England Co-op
20040214 14/02/2004 Co-op sponsored schools are named Co-op News 3 Mutuo, Keith Darwin, Charles Clarke MP, Co-op College, The Co-operative Group
20040214 14/02/2004 Ilkeston’s President Co-op News 3 Stuart Grasar, Ilkeston Co-op
20040214 14/02/2004 Steve’s new role Co-op News 3 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op, Steve Moralee
20040214 14/02/2004 Secondment helps to train pharmacists Co-op News 4 University of Greenwich, Co-operative Group Pharmacy, Helen Boniface, Medway School of Pharmacy
20040214 14/02/2004 Change of name Co-op News 4 Good Energy, Good Shopping Guide (2004), unit(e)
20040214 14/02/2004 Ready for biggest Fairtrade Fortnight Co-op News 4 Fairtrade Mark, Fairtrade Foundation, Fairtrade Towns, ‘A Taste For Life’, Harriet Lamb
20040214 14/02/2004 Chelmsford set for record year with new chief Co-op News 4 Barry Wood, Chelmsford Star Co-op
20040214 14/02/2004 Cafédirect to float Co-op News 4 Penny Newman, Fairtrade hot drinks company, Triodos Bank, Teadirect, Cafédirect
20040214 14/02/2004 Co-op principles have to show tangible benefits Lorraine Barrett 6 Healthy Living Project, democratic control, St Mellons Community Education Centre, Co-operative principles and values, St Mellons – Cardiff, mutual ownership
20040214 14/02/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 6 James Callaghan, Temple Coombe (Somerset), Ipswich Society robbery, railway centre, Newcastle Labour Club opening, Co-op Bank, Bristol and Somerset Association