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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20031213 13/12/2003 Mutuo compiles audit Co-op News 3 mutual think tank, Jonathan Blay, Mutuo
20031213 13/12/2003 Fairtrade bank account Co-op News 3 Charles Middleton, Fairtrade Saver Account, Triodos Bank, Harriet Lamb
20031213 13/12/2003 NCC pharmacist helps train students Co-op News 4 Laura Oxborough, National Co-operative Chemists (NCC), University of East Anglia, Co-op Pharmacies of Great Yarmouth
20031213 13/12/2003 Co-op MPs join tuition fee rebels Co-op News 4 university top up fees, Early Day Motion, Labour backbenchers, Ian Gibson MP
20031213 13/12/2003 Web site launched Co-op News 4 United Co-operatives (Sunwin Motor Group)
20031213 13/12/2003 Gas power gets green light Co-op News 4 Trevor Ashworth, gas powered vehicles, The Co-operative Group
20031213 13/12/2003 United look set to close Widnes store Co-op News 5 United Co-operatives, Windmill Shopping Centre, Mark Craig
20031213 13/12/2003 Buyout saves jobs Co-op News 5 Wales Co-operative Centre, Dawn Williams, Cleddau Press (Haverfordwest), Industrial Common Ownership Fund (ICOF), employee buyout
20031213 13/12/2003 Sir Graham set for key role in voluntary sector Co-op News 6 Sir Graham Melmoth, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Lord Warner
20031213 13/12/2003 Bank’s charity card Co-op News 6 Co-op Bank, affinity credit card, Sheila MacDonald, Christian Aid
20031213 13/12/2003 Farmcare sets out survival strategy Co-op News 6 Farmcare, Christine Tacon, The Co-operative Group, ‘Farming the Future’
20031213 13/12/2003 Queen’s speech shows Labour is getting it right Mike Gapes 7 Labour Government legislative programme (2003/2004)
20031213 13/12/2003 OUR VIEW: Christmas should unite, not divide Co-op News 7 people of all faiths
20031213 13/12/2003 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Belfast Co-operative Society, George Darling MP, European assembly, TV stations
20031213 13/12/2003 Co-opelot and an enchanting prospect: the ‘S’ word in the store Brian Townsend 10 SATIRE
20031213 13/12/2003 POSTBAG: Wind power is an opportunity for us Martin Alder 12 Sustainability Working Group (SWG), wind turbine planning application, Jim Dobbin, renewables industry
20031213 13/12/2003 POSTBAG: Party’s silence over GM issue disappointing John Merrett Bloom 12 The Co-operative Group, Scottish National Party, Co-op Bank, Early Day Motion, Michael Weir MP, Co-op Party, Genetic Modification (GM), Co-operative Parliamentarians
20031213 13/12/2003 POSTBAG: More detailed figures needed Sarah Kiss 12 Co-operative Movement, Co-op News
20031213 13/12/2003 POSTBAG: Top service Bill Knock 12 Iain McCallum, Stornoway supermarket, Inner Hebridies, Bowmore store
20031213 13/12/2003 POSTBAG: Apology to a churchgoer Colin Richell 12 Brian Townsend
20031213 13/12/2003 Audrey’s long-term vision for Tamworth Susan Press 13 CWS, Co-op Pensions Fund, Audrey Poulten, Midlands Co-op Education Group, Tamworth Co-operative Society
20031213 13/12/2003 SHOP TALK: Sell Safeway the tip: Nice little earner: Sainsbury’s strike threat: Sales everywhere The Guardian, Yorkshire Post, The Scotsman, The Sunday Times 13 Wm Morrison, House of Fraser, Sainsbury’s depot – Haydock, Justin King, Debenhams WH Smith, Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
20031213 13/12/2003 Music City thriving through co-operation Kevin McGrother 14 Lewisham College, Co-operative Action, recording and rehearsals studio, Music City Co-operative, Placebo and Glenn Tilbrook, Jim Woodward
20031213 13/12/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 14 Dairy Co-op Australia
20031213 13/12/2003 Socialist film group sees the big picture Anthony Murray 15 Nicola Seyd, The Co-operative Group, movies and documentaries, London Socialist Film Co-op, Chris Reeves