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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20031018 18/10/2003 Spanish marketeer for Lincoln Co-op News 4 Belen Sanchez-Arias, Lincoln Co-operative Society
20031018 18/10/2003 Committees go green at festivals Co-op News 5 Nottingham, ecological balance, Northampton, Co-operative Group committees, social justice, sustainable development
20031018 18/10/2003 Co-op boost for Plymouth credit union members Co-op News 5 HOPE Credit Union, Graham Plumb, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20031018 18/10/2003 Co-op Action cash for disabled Co-op News 5 John Morley, Co-operative Action, Jo Bird, Wood ‘n’ stuff, Bury St Edmunds
20031018 18/10/2003 Leeds launches anti-litter drive Co-op News 5 Alan Gill, Leeds Co-op
20031018 18/10/2003 ACC Milk helps beat the freeze Co-op News 6 ‘Fight the Freeze’, Age Concern, The Co-operative Group, Wear a Hat Day
20031018 18/10/2003 All geared up for charity Co-op News 6 Midlands Co-op Travel, Tissington Trail, Make A wish Foundation
20031018 18/10/2003 Scottish Co-op’s funny turn Co-op News 6 young music acts, The Co-op Fairtrade Tour, comedians
20031018 18/10/2003 Canadians study co-op housing Co-op News 6 Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, David Drew MP, UK housing co-operatives
20031018 18/10/2003 CIS launches new bond Co-op News 6 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Corporate Bond Income Trust
20031018 18/10/2003 We must nail the lies about social housing Glyn Thomas 7 Labour Party, John Prescott MP, Co-operative Movement, homeless, The Co-operative Group AGM, Co-op Party, Sustainable Communities Plan, Aneurin Bevan
20031018 18/10/2003 sponsored pages: NACO NEWS: CRTG NEWS NACO & CRTG 8 Inaugural Annual Conference 2004, National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: How pleasant to have a monopoly of wisdom James Nicholl 10 Balfour Declaration, Margaret Toch, human rights, Palestine, Guantanamo Bay
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: NHS future need debate Keir Stitt 10 localisation, Co-op Party, foundation hospitals
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: US moving in on the NHS Anne Belworthy 10 foundation hospitals, John Merrett Bloom, World Trade Organisation, America, privatisation
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: Dangers of alcohol John Beasley 10 Doug Naysmith, alcohol-free lifestyle
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: Movements role in alcohol awareness Paul Kalinauckas 10 Co-operative Movement, Wolverhampton Alcohol Conference, Doug Naysmith, National Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy
20031018 18/10/2003 POSTBAG: Ad move applauded Duncan Chews 10 The Co-operative Group, television advertising
20031018 18/10/2003 Community profits from housing sales Kevin McGrother 11 not-for-profit estate agency, Homelife Estates, Nick Johnson, Toxteth -Liverpool
20031018 18/10/2003 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 11 Sir Arthur Sugden (retirement), flour mill plant, cocoa marketing, Leeds Industrial Society
20031018 18/10/2003 Co-operation – genuine democracy in practice Gareth Thomas 12 The Co-operative Movement, Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL), Co-op Bank, Coin St Community Builders, Labour Party Conference, local public ownership
20031018 18/10/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION: Closure upsets farmers: Record damages due: Diary attracts bids: Porn co-op goes ahead: Keeping it in the family Anthony Murray 12 Ark Valley News – Kansas USA, Ottawa Citizen – Canada, Co-operative Business Journal – USA, Jamaica Gleaner, Japan Today
20031018 18/10/2003 Time that we worked together, says Linda Susan Press 13 Linda Gilroy MP, Bill Morris, foundation hospitals, Labour Party conference (2003), TGWU, Co-operative Movement, Fairtrade, John Reid MP, Co-op Party
20031018 18/10/2003 SHOP TALK: Sainsbury stumbles: M&S clothing down, Reward card launch: Tesco’s turnaround The Observer, The Guardian, The Scotsman, The Sunday Times 13 Competition Commission, Roger Holmes, Martine McCutcheon, Peter Davies
20031018 18/10/2003 Irish co-operation more than academic Anthony Murray 14 Centre for Co-operative Studies (University College Cork), Irish social economy, South West Ireland, Irish community co-operatives, Bob Briscoe, Diploma in Credit Union Studies