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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Morning Star is part of wider movement George Conchie 14 People’s Press Printing Society, ‘The Morning Star’, Colin Richell
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Colombia and human rights Wendy Emmett 14 Iain MacDonald, illegal detentions, Amnesty International, United Nations, politically motivated assassinations
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Excellent coverage Malcolm Wallace 14 Co-op News, trade unions, Colin Richell, co-operation among co-operatives, Co-op Party, Daily Worker – Morning Star
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Ban the Mail? Mary Rogan 14 The Daily Mail, Morning Star, The Daily Telegraph, ban, Co-op stores
20030913 13/09/2003 No consultation M.D. Mathieson 14 foundation hospitals, Co-op Party NEC, Geraint Day
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: A welcome in the hills K. Hood 14 Coast to Coast, Alistair Graham, Shap branch – Cumbria, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Unmatched source of news Mike Bird 14 Colin Richell, Morning Star
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Lies, damned lies, and statistics Gerald Sandison 15 ‘How to Lie with Statistics’, Margaret Toch, Darrel Huff, trade with European Union (EU)
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: We have to seize the European opportunity James Nicholl 15 Soviet Union, Labour Party, United States (US), International Court of Justice, Europe, Israel, Margaret Toch, Hugh Gaitskell
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: At least Europeans enjoy human rights Gareth Howell 15 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United States government, Margaret Toch
20030913 13/09/2003 POSTBAG: Birthday thanks R. L. Marshall 15 Robert Leckie Marshall - 90th birthday
20030913 13/09/2003 Honours far from even Ray Manning 15 Morning Star, honours system in Britain, Colin Richell
20030913 13/09/2003 Building a better Britain Chris Sewell 15 Labour Party, Anne Belworthy
20030920 20/09/2003 Party conference backs foundation hospitals Co-op News 1 NHS Foundation Trusts, Co-op Party Conference (2003), Companies Act, General Agreement on Trade and Services
20030920 20/09/2003 Beaumont’s blast on shop violence Co-op News 1 Co-op convenience stores, Martin Beaumont, National Respect for Shopworkers Day, The Co-operative Group, USDAW
20030920 20/09/2003 At the heart of the community Co-op News 2 Jo Dyke, Heart of England Co-op, Richard Samson, Community and Membership Advisor
20030920 20/09/2003 Shoefayre steps out with style and ethics Co-op News 2 Shoefayre, ‘Friend of the Child Company, footwear, Bibi, UNICEF, socially-responsible, Brazil
20030920 20/09/2003 Co-op development conference Co-op News 2 Wales Co-operative Centre, Co-operatives UK
20030920 20/09/2003 Bank’s half year profits up again Co-op News 3 Northern Rock, Co-op Bank, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Mervyn Pedelty
20030920 20/09/2003 Co-op MPs back USDAW campaign Co-op News 3 ‘Freedom from Fear campaign’, Respect for Shopworkers Day
20030920 20/09/2003 Movement’s role is praised by UN chief Co-op News 4 Ivano Barberini, Kofi Annan, Iain MacDonald, Oslo, Pope John Paul II, International Co-operative Alliance Assembly
20030920 20/09/2003 Young co-operators network in Oslo Co-op News 4 Poland’s National Union of Worker’s Co-ops
20030920 20/09/2003 Co-op partnerships can conquer poverty Co-op News 4 Royal Norwegian Society for Development, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Vidar Kapelrud
20030920 20/09/2003 International co-op buying plan Co-op News 4 Bob Burlton, Keith Darwin, international suppliers
20030920 20/09/2003 New board member visits co-op housing Co-op News 4 David Rogers, ICA Housing Conference – Oslo