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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20030719 19/07/2003 OUR VIEW: Mr Blair should get out more Co-op News 7 Tony Blair, Guantanamo Bay, Durham Miners’ Gala, United States special relationship
20030719 19/07/2003 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 YEARS AGO: 50 YEARS AGO: 25 YEARS AGO Co-op News 7 New Lanark, Robert Owen, Co-operative Development Agency (CDA), English and Scottish Wholesale Societies, cocoa factory Luton, Lord Oram
20030719 19/07/2003 POSTBAG: Acquisition strategy set to boost Group Ken Nolan 10 The Co-operative Group, Alldays, Martin Beaumont
20030719 19/07/2003 POSTBAG: Football magic still a reality David Wadsworth 10 Old Trafford stadium
20030719 19/07/2003 POSTBAG: Co-op’s happy return Trevor Bottomley 10 Letchworth Garden City, Ebenezer Howard
20030719 19/07/2003 POSTBAG: So I am not a lone voice Colin Richell 10 superstores, Alistair Graham, Federation Brewery
20030719 19/07/2003 POSTBAG: A euro poser Martin Rogan 10 Margaret Toch, pound sterling, euro
20030719 19/07/2003 SHOP TALK: M&S pay in shares: Store cards attacked: Deal turns sour The Guardian, The Times, Independent 10 Marks & Spencer, Luc Vandevelde, Express Dairies, credit cards
20030719 19/07/2003 'People power’ an idea whose time has come Hazel Blears MP 11 decentralisation, mutualisation, David Marquand, citizenship
20030719 19/07/2003 Days of hope as food co-ops lift local economy Kevin McGrother 12 Rural Regeneration Unit, Sharron Rourke
20030719 19/07/2003 Vivian’s Big idea proves a winner Susan Press 13 Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Society, The Phone Co-op, Vivian Woodell, Poptel, Social Economy Consortium
20030719 19/07/2003 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION: Members windfall: Babysitting Co-op: Co-ops divided: Chief pockets cash Anthony Murray 13 Globes Israel, Minnesota USA, Straits singapore, Vermont USA
20030726 26/07/2003 Royal opening for CIS shopping centre Co-op News 1 Simon Butler, Clyde Shopping Centre
20030726 26/07/2003 Co-ops back EU food clampdown Co-op News 1 European Commission, Food Standards Agency (FSA), ‘Lie of the Label’
20030726 26/07/2003 Guard for Regan jury Co-op News 1 Andrew Regan
20030726 26/07/2003 Kirsty clinches gold award Co-op News 2 Kirsty Cook, Sunwin Peugeot – Keighley
20030726 26/07/2003 Continued growth for community businesses Co-op News 2 Financial Services Authority (FSA), Industrial and Provident Societies
20030726 26/07/2003 Farmers co-op takes to the web Co-op News 2 Institute of Grocery Distribution, Welsh Meat Company, ‘virtual marketplace’, Jane James
20030726 26/07/2003 Group’s Dividend award to nurture wildlife Co-op News 3 David Bellamy
20030726 26/07/2003 £1m ad campaign to revitalise image Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Susan Bromley, Truly Irresistible product range, television commercial
20030726 26/07/2003 I&P Bill given Royal Assent Co-op News 3 Co-op Party, Peter Hunt, Mark Todd MP, Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Bill
20030726 26/07/2003 NOTICE FROM THE CO-OPERATIVE GROUP: Board of Directors’ casual vacancy election The Co-operative Group 4 Alan Gill, Kevin Cooke, Allan Smith, Vivian Woodell, Richard Hughes, David Robinson
20030726 26/07/2003 100 and not out Co-op News 6 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, John Hush, Sylvia Burgon, Co-op funeral employees, Berwick
20030726 26/07/2003 Pharmacies welcome deregulation U-turn Co-op News 6 Patricia Hewitt, deregulation of pharmacies
20030726 26/07/2003 OBITUARIES: Arnold Downsworth: Harold Whitehead Co-op News 6 Huddersfield, Losehill Hall, Hope Valley College, Blyth Co-operative Society