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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: CFS and Britannia are a perfect fit Iain Williamson 22 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)(Britannia), merger (CFS/Britannia), Britannia Building Society
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: Co-op Party should be open to all Tony Langford 22 Co-op Party/Labour Party link
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: Outdated views Basil Smith 22 Wooldale Co-operative Society, Conservative councillor (Wooldale Co-operative Society)
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: Replace banks with a value driven system Jim King 23 banking crisis (2008)
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: World class Co-op band in trouble Bram Thompson 23 Scottish Co-op Brass Band
20081111 11/11/2008 News Views Letters: Green savings not so green Tony Firmin 23 unsustainable transport (co-op representatives), green energy for schols scheme
20081111 11/11/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Glenrothes by-election (2008), Barack Obama
20081125 25/11/2008 Knives out at co-ops: societies act in bid to cut rising crime Co-op News 1 knife crime, Heart of England Co-op (removal of knives from food stores), Midcounties Co-operative (removal of knives from open sale)
20081125 25/11/2008 CFS urged to save NI - based mutual Co-op News 2 Presbyterian Mutual, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Erskine Holmes
20081125 25/11/2008 Housing co-op wins ethical award Co-op News 2 Sanford Housing Co-op
20081125 25/11/2008 Top award for Lamb Co-op News 2 The Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb
20081125 25/11/2008 Group says Yes to c-charge plan Co-op News 2 Greater Manchester (congestion charge referendum)
20081125 25/11/2008 Eastern promise Co-op News 3 trading figures, East of England Co-op
20081125 25/11/2008 Scottish Co-op gets green retailer award Co-op News 3 Green Retailer of the Year, Scottish co-op
20081125 25/11/2008 Chelmsford's recognition Co-op News 3 People in Retail Awards (2008), Chelmsford Star Co-op
20081125 25/11/2008 Pope's top honour Co-op News 3 Andrew Pope
20081125 25/11/2008 Movement needs to be more inclusive - report Co-op News 4 Co-operatives UK, The Co-operative Movement, Pauline Green
20081125 25/11/2008 Discover more about stereotypes through website page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 LGBT community
20081125 25/11/2008 Welsh Assembly unveils £8m fund for social sector Co-op News 6 Welsh Assembly, Co-op Party, Lorraine Barrett AM, Janice Gregory, A Co-operative Agenda for Wales
20081125 25/11/2008 Lothian approves Group transfer Co-op News 6 Lothian Borders and Angus Society (transfer of engagements to Co-op Group)
20081125 25/11/2008 Bank invests in ethical finance Co-op News 6 Paul Kalinauckas, Co-op Bank, David Dunn, Black Country Reinvestment Society
20081125 25/11/2008 Festive switch can boost the grocery trade, says survey Co-op News 10 grocery trade survey, Deloitte
20081125 25/11/2008 Responsible bankers are not given credit David J Thompson 11 US banking system, Credit Union National Association US (CUNA), credit crunch (2008)
20081125 25/11/2008 Co-operatives link up at grassroots level through regional co-op councils Kevin McGrother, John Goodman, Jo Bird 12 The Co-operative Fund, John Goodman, Regional Co-operative Councils, Jo Bird
20081125 25/11/2008 Enterprises get a taste of equity funds Paul Gosling 14 Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund, social enterprise, Apex Foundation, Sir Ronald Cohen