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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20081028 28/10/2008 Plymouth Chief salutes his staff Co-op News 8 Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, Douglas Fletcher
20081028 28/10/2008 Prisoner art on display Co-op News 8 art exhibition (New Century House), prisoner art exhibition
20081028 28/10/2008 A New Lanark treat for members Co-op News 8 Robert Owen, Elaine Dean, Midlands Co-op Education Group, New Lanark, Heart of England Co-op Education group
20081028 28/10/2008 Foundation hands out £1m in grants Co-op News 9 comminity grants , Co-operative Foundation
20081028 28/10/2008 Worker co-op scoops award Co-op News 9 Infinity Foods, Responsible Business Award
20081028 28/10/2008 Mutual benefits are on offer if the big merger does happen Paul Gosling 12 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), John Butterfil MP, Co-op Bank, David Anderson, Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Bill ) , Britannia Building Society, merger talks, Neville Richardson
20081028 28/10/2008 Was street politics the only way to achieve civil rights for all? Pauline Diamond 14 Derry (Civil Rights march), Northern Ireland, Duke Street (Derry), Erskine Holmes, Civil Rights Association
20081028 28/10/2008 At the top table with RLM came an abundance of valued lessons Melvyn Butcher 16 Co-op College, Robert Leckie Marshall
20081028 28/10/2008 Days of Hope for Labour? Glenrothes co-op shoppers Pauline Diamond 18 Lindsay Roy, Glenrothes by-election (2008)
20081028 28/10/2008 Catharine challenges Ian Duncan Smith to the Mars test Susan Press 19 Catharine Arakelian (General Election acndidate), Chingford and Wood Green constituency, General Election
20081028 28/10/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 Peter Paxton, Restrictive Trade Practices Court, Martin Meteyard, co-operative boundary agreements
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Building Societies may need rescue at some point Martin Rogan 21 FCA compensation scheme, Building Societies, Paul Gosling
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Only Labour understand our ideas - it has to stay that way Arthur Massey 22 Co-op Party/Labour Party link, Labour Party, Chris Pilkington
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Role of co-operation is assured as long as Labour is in power David Drew 22 Tony Langford, Labour Party link to co-operative movement
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Capitalism, not free enterprise John Haste 22 capitalism (de-regulated)
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Money to survive global stuggle can be saved from elsewhere Bernard Parry 22 economic crisis (2008), Trident nuclear weapons system
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Co-op democracy needs to be nurtured Peter Jovcic-Sas 23 co-op ethics, democracy (core co-op value)
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Now react to other problems Bill Jordan 23 Gordon Brown, global banking crisis (2008), United Nations, Arab-Israeli conflict
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: A few extra pence is worth it Colin Richell 23 Graham Bober, member loyalty, Liberal Democrats, Nick Chilvers (Colchester)
20081028 28/10/2008 News Views Letters: Politics must be more inclusive Chris Pilkington 23 Labour/Co-op, political parties, Dave Griffiths
20081028 28/10/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 USA Presidential Election (2008), Glenrothes by-election (2008), Barack Obama
20081111 11/11/2008 We're in the big league - Marks tells of his four-year battle to land Somerfield Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (Somerfield), Peter Marks, Somerfileld, Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
20081111 11/11/2008 More MPs back News Co-op News 2 Co-op News (withdrawn from House of Commons Library)
20081111 11/11/2008 Woodcraft Folk's £12m tonic Co-op News 2 Woodcraft Folk grant
20081111 11/11/2008 Council boosts eco-town plans Co-op News 2 Leicester City Council, The Co-operative Group (eco-town)