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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080930 30/09/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 21 Hugh Gaitskell, Co-operative Development Agencies (CDA), Labour/Co-op
20080930 30/09/2008 News Views Letters: There is only one party for co-ops Dave Griffiths 22 Co-op Party, Chris Pilkington, Conservatives, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007)
20080930 30/09/2008 News Views Letters: Microfinance needs support from a commercial model Richard Wilcox 22 microfinance
20080930 30/09/2008 News Views Letters: Ignore politics, just co-operate Colin Richell 22 political affiliations, Labour Party, Bob Russell, Co-op Party
20080930 30/09/2008 News Views Letters: Co-op Bank was never up for sale Len Fyfe, David Skinner, Graham Melmoth 23 Andrew Regan, Terry Thomas memoirs (Co-op Bank), Co-op Bank, Co-op News, SG Warburg, CWS, Lewis Lee
20080930 30/09/2008 Co-operation can make a better Wales Huw Lewis 23 Wales, Fair Trade Nation Status
20080930 30/09/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Labour Party Conference (2008), Gordon Brown
20081014 14/10/2008 Mutual link boosts Bank Co-op News 1 David Anderson, The Co-operative Group, Co-op Bank (mutual status), Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20081014 14/10/2008 Dame Pauline set to step down in 2009 Co-op News 2 Pauline Green (retirement)
20081014 14/10/2008 Group women scoop top awards Co-op News 2 Everywoman reatail awards
20081014 14/10/2008 Party Chair's salute to Co-op Bank Chris Pilkington 3 Gareth Thomas MP, Labour Party Conference (2008), Co-op Bank
20081014 14/10/2008 Co-op MPs receive ministerial duties Co-op News 3 Gordon Brown (ministerial re-shuffle)
20081014 14/10/2008 Group launch new eco-town masterplan Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group (Eco Town)
20081014 14/10/2008 Half-year joy as Midcounties profits rise 61% Co-op News 4 Midcounties Co-operative (trading)
20081014 14/10/2008 Phone Co-op on shortlist Chris Pilkington 4 Enterprising Solutions Award, The Phone Co-op
20081014 14/10/2008 MPs former Co-op role Co-op News 4 Bob Russell MP
20081014 14/10/2008 Temporary store starts to take shape Co-op News 4 Midlands Co-op, Oakham superstore
20081014 14/10/2008 Co-ops are back in fashion Kevin McGrother 8 Daily Bread Wholefood Co-operative, UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2008) , Roger Sawtell
20081014 14/10/2008 Fenwick Weavers influenced Owen Katie McQue 8 Gillian Lonergan, New Fenwick Weavers Co-operative, John Mcfadzean, UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2008)
20081014 14/10/2008 Co-operators urged to stand up for Owen's legacy and values Kevin McGrother 8 UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2008) , Professor Tom Webb, Robert Owen
20081014 14/10/2008 The lost history of Czech co-operative movement Kevin McGrother 8 Czech co-operative movement, Nadia Johanisova, Grant Wolstencroft, UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2008)
20081014 14/10/2008 Eco-towns will push through big changes Katie McQue 9 The Co-operative Group (Eco Town), UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2008) , Lynda Shillaw
20081014 14/10/2008 £35m rescue Co-op News 10 Co-ownership Housing (Northern Ireland)
20081014 14/10/2008 Graphic co-op in line for award Co-op News 10 Total Coverage graphic design business
20081014 14/10/2008 Group announce biggest retailing consultation ever Co-op News 10 The Co-operative Group (community)