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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080916 16/09/2008 Microfinance sector could face meltdown warnd Grameen founder Paul Gosling 14 Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Laily Begum
20080916 16/09/2008 Mental illness a threat to students Lara Martin 16 Opem Minds for Mental Health programme, Co-operative Students Journalist of the Year Awards, self-harm, mental illness amongst students, depression, students
20080916 16/09/2008 Lee gets his kicks out of football Katie McQue 16 Co-operative Students Journalist of the Year Awards, Streetsocccer Cymru, football, students, homeless, Swansea
20080916 16/09/2008 How shoes help carbon footprint Felicity Cross 17 Co-operative Students Journalist of the Year Awards, shoes and sustainability, carbon footprint
20080916 16/09/2008 Why a chicken's lot is not a happy one Samantha Patterson 17 Co-operative Students Journalist of the Year Awards, chicken welfare, intensive chicken farming, Freedom Foods, RSPCA, poultry industry
20080916 16/09/2008 Co-op cabbies give gas-guzzling taxis a lesson in ethics David J Thompson 18 taxi companies (USA), co-op taxis, Green Cabs (San Francisco), Union Cab (Madison, Wisconsin, Union Taxicab Company, eco-friendly taxis, Alexandra United Taxi-Drivers Organisaition (USA)
20080916 16/09/2008 Co-ops must embrace more parties - not just Labour Susan Press 19 Liberal Democrats, Party politics, Labour Party, Bob Russell
20080916 16/09/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 21 Co-op Union - Labour Party , Co-op Bank, Mintel (market analyst)
20080916 16/09/2008 News Views Letters: Investment in Team GB has paid off Bill Jordan 22 Olympic Games (2012), Team GB
20080916 16/09/2008 News Views Letters: Co-op confusion Elizabeth Atkinson 22 Office of Fair Trading (OFT), The Co-operative Group (Somerfield), trading areas, co-operative society trading areas
20080916 16/09/2008 News Views Letters: Do members want a political Group? Chris Pilkington 23 Labour/Co-op, political parties, The Co-operative Group
20080916 16/09/2008 News Views Letters: Replace anarchic national anthem Anne Belworthy 23 oath of allegiance, National Anthem
20080930 30/09/2008 Merger 'bounce' boosts Group Co-op News 1 Peter Marks, The Co-operative Group & United trading figures
20080930 30/09/2008 Heritage Lottery Fund boost for Pioneers Museum Co-op News 2 Stephen Yeo, National Co-operative Archive, Heritage Lottery Fund, Rochdale Pioneers Museum
20080930 30/09/2008 Bank to consult on ethical issues Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank (ethical policy)
20080930 30/09/2008 Scotmid report profits increase Co-op News 3 John Brodie, Scotmid trading results
20080930 30/09/2008 A superbrand to look out for Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (brand), Patrick Allen
20080930 30/09/2008 Co-op Group's big night on ITV Co-op News 3 Peter Marks, Pride of Britain awards, The Co-operative Group
20080930 30/09/2008 The Co-operative comes together for the Thames Festival Owen Jell - sponsored by the Co-operative Group 4 Mayor of London's Thames Festival, The Co-operative Group
20080930 30/09/2008 Don't let SNP hijack devolution debate Dave Bowman 8 Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008), Ken Purchase MP, Scotish Parliament, Andy Love MP, Tommy McAvoy MP, Mike Gapes MP
20080930 30/09/2008 Rail campaign to go full steam Dave Bowman 8 People's Rail, Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008), Michael Stevenson
20080930 30/09/2008 Party shows its republican sympathies Dave Bowman 8 proposed republican constitution, Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008)
20080930 30/09/2008 Tory moves do not impress Dave Bowman 8 Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008), Tory Party
20080930 30/09/2008 Co-op values are vital for Britain, says Miliband Dave Bowman 9 Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008), co-op values, Ed Milliband
20080930 30/09/2008 Venue revolt defeated Dave Bowman 9 Co-op Party Conference venue, Paul Flowers, Co-op Party Annual Conference (2008)