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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080902 02/09/2008 The lesson according to Lord Thomas is a great Co-op Read Lord Graham of Edmonton 16 Co-op Bank, Terry Thomas (Lord Thomas of Macclesfield), Unity Trust Bank, An Inclusive Community With Integrity (book review), Lewis Lee
20080902 02/09/2008 Food eco-system is out of our control Iain Williamson 18 The End of Food (Paul Roberts), climate change, Paul Roberts (The End of Food), sustainability
20080902 02/09/2008 Co-op stalwart's proud wine legacy Rosemary George 19 Gascony, co-op wines, André Dubosk
20080902 02/09/2008 How 'people power' is making its mark online Kevin McGrother 20 Richard Duvall, Egg internet bank, Zopa
20080902 02/09/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 21 Norah Willis, Crossland Report, Consortium of Independent Co-operatives
20080902 02/09/2008 News Views Letters: Somerfield shoppers will get a better deal under the Co-op Colin Richell 22 Paul Knott, Somerfield
20080902 02/09/2008 News Views Letters: ICA's Expo '08 is not to be missed Iain Macdonald 22 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), ICA Expo '08
20080902 02/09/2008 News Views Letters: Large trolley trips will soon vanish Ken Nolan 22 Somerfield, superstore shoping
20080902 02/09/2008 News Views Letters: Project Cameron is ignoring the North's qualities Jack Croysdill 23 Conservative Party (think tank), Policy Exchange committee (Conservative Party)
20080902 02/09/2008 News Views Letters: Let's get Somerfield shoppers to sign-up David Smith 23 Somerfield, Paul Knott, co-op membership
20080916 16/09/2008 CFS weathers credit storm Co-op News 1 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS)
20080916 16/09/2008 Co-op model is ready for 100 schools Co-op News 2 Children Schools and Families Department, Co-operative schools, Ed Balls
20080916 16/09/2008 Brand reaches gold with its 2,000th store Co-op News 3 Locks Heath store (Southhampton), Patrick Allen, The Co-operative Group (brand)
20080916 16/09/2008 First members' webcast to connect co-operators around the world page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Paul Monaghan, co-op international webcast
20080916 16/09/2008 All set for funeral conference Co-op News 6 Co-operative Funeral Service Managers Association (CFSMA), Funeral managers annual conference (2008)
20080916 16/09/2008 A bleak mid-winter? Co-op News 8 sales forcast (winter 2008)
20080916 16/09/2008 New initiative to fight store crime Christopher Sewell 8 Suffolk Police, East of England Co-op, store crime
20080916 16/09/2008 Actor opens new style store Co-op News 8 Wollaton store (Nottingham), Martin Kemp
20080916 16/09/2008 BCT lands Enterprise Mark Co-op News 8 Bristol Community Transport (BCT)
20080916 16/09/2008 Phone Co-op's enterprise fund helps brewery connect Co-op News 9 Thorne Brewery , Mark Burton, The Phone Co-op
20080916 16/09/2008 Co-op first with Fairtrade fizz Co-op News 9 Fairtrade sparkling wine, Vicky Wood, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20080916 16/09/2008 Staff recognition for saving energy Co-op News 10 responsible retailing, Chelmsford Star Co-op, People in Retail Awards
20080916 16/09/2008 New season of ethical clothes Co-op News 10 Bishopston Trading Company
20080916 16/09/2008 BiTC award for education office Co-op News 10 East of England Co-op (education)
20080916 16/09/2008 Co-op peer backs new campaign for inclusive schools Dave Bowman 10 inclusive schools, Polly Toynbee, British Humanist Association, Lord Graham of Edmonton