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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080805 05/08/2008 New look for New Lanark Co-op News 7 New Lanark
20080805 05/08/2008 East of England's brand roll out gaining momentum Co-op News 9 East of England Co-op (re-brand), Richard Samson
20080805 05/08/2008 Salford gets behind plastic bag reduction Co-op News 9 Jim King (councillor Salford), Fairtrade cotton bag (Co-op)
20080805 05/08/2008 Officers join Co-ops UK councils Co-op News 9 Co-operatives UK, Sectional Councils
20080805 05/08/2008 Elmwood accolade Co-op News 10 Elmwood Standard
20080805 05/08/2008 Mondragon visit Co-op News 10 Mondragon
20080805 05/08/2008 Co-op party makes its mark Co-op News 10 Labour Party Policy Forum, Co-op Party
20080805 05/08/2008 The great food ethics debate Melissa Galea 12 foie gras, Nottingham Animal Rights Group, food ethics
20080805 05/08/2008 The great food ethics debate Tom Drew 13 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, free-range chicken, food ethics
20080805 05/08/2008 Owen's education ideas are still relevant today Kevin McGrother 14 Summerhill school, Annual Co-operative Education Conference, Alexander Bloom, Michael Newman, A.S. Neil, Robert Owen
20080805 05/08/2008 Demand helps co-op grow further Kevin McGrother 14 Annual Co-operative Education Conference, First Question North, Co-operative Learning andf Development Associates (CLADA)
20080805 05/08/2008 Helping schools Kevin McGrother 14 schools (support for), Annual Co-operative Education Conference, Mike Pickering
20080805 05/08/2008 Trevor is helping Fane Valley Co-op reach new heights Susan Press 16 Trevor Lockhart, Northern Ireland, Fane Valley Co-operative
20080805 05/08/2008 High energy costs here to stay Paul Gosling 18 energy-saving, energy co-ops, renewable energy
20080805 05/08/2008 Radio play brings back Tressell's social novel Trevor Hopper 19 The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, BBC radio serial, Robert Tressell (Robert Noonan), The Co-operative Commonwealth, Timothy Spall
20080805 05/08/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 textile industry (Lancashire), Co-operative Development Agency, trust fund for co-operative sector
20080805 05/08/2008 OBITUARY: Scotlands 'Mr Co-op' will be sadly missed Dr John Butler 21 Bill Smith (Scotmid) (obituary)
20080805 05/08/2008 OBITUARY: Man behind many African co-ops dies Sylvia Smith 21 Archibald Leslie Mackintosh (obituary)
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: Engaging with youth is first step against violent crimes Bill Jordan 22 violent crime, Devon Senior Council (youth group)
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: New Labour's free for all Leslie Freitag 22 Hazel Blears MP, New Labour
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: Movement must welcome all Richard Balfe 22 political parties, Hilda Smith
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: Family should be Group priority Samantha Crake 22 The Co-operative Group (employment conditions)
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: Rochdale will always be number one co-operative Trevor Bottomley 23 Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society, Jim O'Neil, Fenwick Weavers Co-operative Society
20080805 05/08/2008 News Views Letters: Eco-towns build negative response Colin Richell 23 Eco Town, The Co-operative Group (eco-town), Paul Knott
20080805 05/08/2008 Co-op AMs influence Welsh policies Lorraine Barrett 23 Welsh Assembly, co-op members of Welsh Assembly (AMs)