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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080624 24/06/2008 Healthcare co-ops are quality leaders David J Thompson 16 Group Health Co-operative (USA), Healthcare (USA), Michael Shadid
20080624 24/06/2008 Agricultural co-op sowing seeds for a richer future Iain Williamson 17 agricultural co-operatives, Festival of Oranges
20080624 24/06/2008 30 years of planting trees gets to the root of climate change issues Pauline Diamond 18 Kenya, Green Belt Movement , climate change, trees, Wangari Maathai (Dr)
20080624 24/06/2008 Issue of Foundation Trusts has divided Co-op Movement Paul Gosling 20 Peter Hunt, Alan Milburn, NHS Foundation Trusts, David Taylor MP
20080624 24/06/2008 Estelle has watched the Phone Co-op grow from day one Susan Press 22 The Phone Co-op, Estelle Brain
20080624 24/06/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 24 international exhibition (1963), Co-op Party constitution, self assembly furniture
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: Political battles with each other must stop Hilda Smith 25 Richard Balfe
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: North West Region goes back 40 years John Macbeth 25 Constitutional Review, Frank Nelson, Bill Farrow
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: Pay-offs are obscene Elizabeth Atkinson 25 compensation payments for loss of office, Ray Henderson
20080624 24/06/2008 OBITUARY: Death of former Scotmid President Bill Smith Co-op News 25 Bill Smith (Scotmid)
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: Dual membership scheme could help Group democracy Herbert Daybell 26 Vivian Woodell, democratic governance, The Co-operative Group & United merger, independent directors
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: Should we sell these 'Israeli products'? Malcolm Chapman 26 The Co-operative Group (ethics), illegal settlements, Israeli produce
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: New Labour is fast approaching a dead end John Merrett Bloom 27 New Labour in decline
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: GMB decision a real shock Revd Lionel Cave 27 GMB Union (Funeralcare), Funeralcare (de-recognised GMB)
20080624 24/06/2008 News Views Letters: Co-op's ethics are on another role John D Beasley 27 degradable packaging
20080624 24/06/2008 Charities are missing out on millions John McFall 27 charity, co-op & charity
20080708 08/07/2008 Shake up of Co-op law on the way Co-op News 1 co-operative legislation
20080708 08/07/2008 New credit union group launched Co-op News 2 credit unions (parliamentary group)
20080708 08/07/2008 £19,000 tonic for charities Co-op News 2 Midcounties Co-operative, Imagine Co-operative Childcare
20080708 08/07/2008 Fairtrade takes a bit of licking Co-op News 2 AgroFair
20080708 08/07/2008 Bank scoops top marketing award Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank (environmental campaign), Cause Related Marketing
20080708 08/07/2008 £38m 'divi' pay out to Group members Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (share of the profits), Patrick Allen
20080708 08/07/2008 New pharmacy depot on way Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (pharmacy), John Nuttall, Staffordshire
20080708 08/07/2008 Key day for Kay and Mark Co-op News 3 employee recogntion scheme, Funeralcare, David Hendry
20080708 08/07/2008 Look out for the Good with Food show page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Good with Food show