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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080610 10/06/2008 PM has chance to take centre stage in Europe Michael McGowan 21 Gordon Brown, Co-op Party, European Union
20080610 10/06/2008 News Views Letters: Group should seek the vews of its entire membership Vic Parks 22 Constitutional Review, The Co-operative Group, democratic control
20080610 10/06/2008 News Views Letters: Are directors protecting their own interests in review? Frank Nelson 22 The Co-operative Group, Constitutional Review
20080610 10/06/2008 News Views Letters: Don't discard history from our buildings Duncan Chew 22 The Co-operative Group (Manchester Headquarters)
20080610 10/06/2008 News Views Letters: Success of CDS is clearly evident Cathy Jamieson 23 Co-operative Development Scotland, Margaret Milo
20080610 10/06/2008 News Views Letters: No wine co-ops in New Zealand Ramsey Margolis 23 wine co-operatives, New Zealand, Rosemary George
20080610 10/06/2008 SNP arrogance is hurting communities Johann Lamont 23 Scottish Parliament, Scottish National Party (SNP)
20080610 10/06/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Gordon Brown, Labour Party
20080624 24/06/2008 It's a deal - Somerfield acquisition Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (Somerfield), Somerfield
20080624 24/06/2008 SNP drinks plan slammed Co-op News 1 binge drinking culture in Scotland, Scottish Parliament
20080624 24/06/2008 Midlands' Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op, service champions
20080624 24/06/2008 Marks joins 'big league' Colin Bastin 2 Peter Marks, The Grocer magazine
20080624 24/06/2008 MPs back bank's ethical policy Co-op News 2 David Drew MP, Early Day Motion (EDM), Co-op Bank
20080624 24/06/2008 Group to sponsor 'Pride of Britain' awards Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Pride of Britain awards, Daily Mirror
20080624 24/06/2008 Flag of co-operation ready to be flown on global stage page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Towards Tomorrow - A Pageant of Co-operation, International Co-operative Day (2008)
20080624 24/06/2008 Credit union account has 10,000 members Co-op News 6 Credit Union Current Account (CUCA)
20080624 24/06/2008 Euro scheme grows Co-op News 6 euros
20080624 24/06/2008 Lincoln's local sourcing scheme earns plaudits Co-op News 6 local sourcing initiative, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society
20080624 24/06/2008 Commemorating Owen's co-op influence Co-op News 6 Robert Owen, New Lanark, Jim Lee, Co-operation and Mutuality Scotland
20080624 24/06/2008 Co-op MPs rap Tory hypocricy on terror vote Dave Bowman 8 detention of terror suspects, David Taylor MP, civil liberties, Andy Love MP
20080624 24/06/2008 Group's policy a winner Co-op News 10 Amanda Jones, The Co-operative Group (diversity)
20080624 24/06/2008 A glug of olive oil to make your meal more ethical Kevin McGrother 12 Zaytoun, Fairtrade, Palestinian olive oil
20080624 24/06/2008 Ministers show support for co-ops at Congress Dave Bowman 13 Co-operative Congress (2008), Hazel Blears MP, Kitty Ussher MP, Phil Hope MP
20080624 24/06/2008 A busy agenda for Congress 2008 Co-op News 14 Co-operative Congress (2008) programme
20080624 24/06/2008 Cameron declines Congress offer Co-op News 14 David Cameron, Co-operative Congress (2008)