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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-ops in talks with big four says paper Co-op News 3 Sunday Telegraph
20080610 10/06/2008 Group is top of the shops Co-op News 4 Checkout convenience awards, The Co-operative Group (Food Retail)
20080610 10/06/2008 Support a growing Movement Co-op News 4 Co-operatives 2008, Co-operatives UK
20080610 10/06/2008 A co-operative musical drama page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 Mikron theatre company, Fair Trade, Marsden, The Co-operative Group (Northern Region members)
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: Bank set to pilot branches in food stores Dave Bowman 6 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), banking facilities in Co-op food stores, David Anderson, Co-op Group AGM 2008
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: Commitment to federal role Dave Bowman 6 Co-op Group AGM 2008, Somerfield, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), federal structure of merged Society, Vivian Woodell
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: Holidays are next venture for Fairtrade Dave Bowman 6 Co-op Group AGM 2008, Len Wardle, Fairtrade holidays
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: Group host high level Euroco-op meeting Dave Bowman 6 European Co-ops, Co-op Group AGM 2008: , Les Lowrie
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: Staff to receive better pay rates Dave Bowman 7 staff (wages), Co-op Group AGM 2008: , Richard Bide
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op Group AGM 2008: There has to be an ethical balance Dave Bowman 7 Co-op Group AGM 2008, Israeli produce, Peter Marks
20080610 10/06/2008 President Karen predicts a busy year in office Co-op News 8 Karen Froggatt, National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO)
20080610 10/06/2008 Funerals team recognsed for top customer care Co-op News 10 Chelmsford Star Co-op (Funeral division)
20080610 10/06/2008 Fairtrade helps 1.5m producers across the world Co-op News 10 Fairtrade, Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, African Fairtrade Network
20080610 10/06/2008 Society bids to cut under-age dining Co-op News 10 Heart of England Co-op, proof of identity scheme
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-op councils seek development worker Co-op News 10 development worker, Co-op Councils (North West & Yorkshire Regions
20080610 10/06/2008 What do kids think of co-ops? Kevin McGrother 11 Co-operative Development Scotland, young people
20080610 10/06/2008 Beef kitchen enteprise a hit with fans Kevin McGrother 11 The Beef Kitchen (Stamford Bridge), Pryor's Bank Café
20080610 10/06/2008 Co-operator spreading democratic message to Sierra Leone politicians Kevin McGrother 11 Martin Tiedemann, Sierra Leone
20080610 10/06/2008 Guild builds on 25 years Ken Nolan 11 Co-operative Women’s Guild (Congress 2008)
20080610 10/06/2008 Creating a culture space Kevin McGrother 11 Promo Cymru, Ebbw Vale Institute
20080610 10/06/2008 Can naming and shaming combat youth crime? Sara Pepper 14 ASBOs, The MediaWiseTrust, youth crime, The Co-operative Group (five social goals)
20080610 10/06/2008 New Party boss eyes up strong Co-op agenda Susan Press 16 Co-op Party, Michael Stevenson
20080610 10/06/2008 Mobile dairy keeps farmers on right path Kevin McGrother 17 Dairy Farmers, Peak District Dairy Wagon
20080610 10/06/2008 Ken's tumble tells us there must be stronger governance across the social enterprise sctor Paul Gosling 18 Ken Livingstone, Evening Standard (London), London Development Agency, Ethnic Mutual, Andrew Gilligan
20080610 10/06/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 Approved Welfare Providers, General Charles DeGaulle