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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080219 19/02/2008 News Vews Letters: I can't keep up with the flurry of 'higher interest' accounts Kenneth Phillips 23 Co-op Bank (interest rates)(accounts)
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: movement knows we're against academies Alex Gordon 23 Co-op party (Leics), academy schools, comprehensive schools, Ian G. Andrews
20080219 19/02/2008 news Views Letters: Co-op MPs must protect our schools Colin Richell 23 Co-op stores, Labour Party
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Open up future selection process Angela Brown 23 The Co-operative Group & United merger, Peter Marks
20080219 19/02/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Co-operative Movement (ethics)
20080303 03/03/2008 Group lands Somerfield Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (acquires Somerfield), Peter Marks
20080303 03/03/2008 Chelmsford President retires Co-op News 2 Terry Hagerty, Chelmsford Star Co-op
20080303 03/03/2008 East of England HQ adds tenants Co-op News 2 East of England Co-op (new headquarters)
20080303 03/03/2008 Co-ops urged to support G20 rally Co-op News 2 economic crisis, New Internationalist, Put People First, Richard Howlett
20080303 03/03/2008 Two more co-ops join brand project Co-op News 3 Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), Midlands Co-op, John Fitzgerald, Southern Co-operatives, The Co-operative Group (joint brand project)
20080303 03/03/2008 Ethical olive oil launch Co-op News 3 Equal Exchange, Palestinian olive oil, Fairtrade (Palestinian olive oil)
20080303 03/03/2008 Staff spread the love during Valentine's month Co-op News 4 Midlands Co-op, British Heart Foundation
20080303 03/03/2008 Group announce joint venture with Cosmos Holidays Co-op News 4 Mike Greenacre, Cosmos Holidays, Co-operative Holidays Ltd
20080303 03/03/2008 Wool co-op grows Co-op News 4 Wool Clip Co-operative (Cumbria)
20080303 03/03/2008 Stoughton farm receives award Colin Richell 4 Co-operative Farms (Stoughton)
20080303 03/03/2008 Booklet calls on Movement to take on a bigger role Co-op News 6 Greening the North, David Taylor MP, Jonathan Porritt, Paul Gosling
20080303 03/03/2008 Land trusts receive support in Parliament Co-op News 6 Community Land Trusts, Parliament, Linda Gilroy MP
20080303 03/03/2008 Crunch time for historic village co-op Colin Richell 6 Highburton Co-op (Huddersfield), Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), transfer of engagements
20080303 03/03/2008 Charity fundraiser off to a dream start page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 7 The Co-operative Group (charity)
20080303 03/03/2008 Social thinking can pull UK out of resession Kevin McGrother 8 Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, Liam Byrne MP
20080303 03/03/2008 Success for water crisis entrepreneur Kevin McGrother 8 Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, One Water, Duncan Goose
20080303 03/03/2008 Wales delivers new solutions Kevin McGrother 8 Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, Leighton Andrews
20080303 03/03/2008 Demand for social reform Kevin McGrother 8 Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, Jonathan Bland
20080303 03/03/2008 Support for grassroots change Kenneth Phillips 8 Steve Wyler, Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, Development Trusts Association
20080303 03/03/2008 Tory leader praises spirit of enterprise movement Kevin McGrother 9 Voice '09 Social Enterprise Conference, David Cameron