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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080219 19/02/2008 Co-operatives NW builds local support Siȃn Barton 6 Pauline Green, Co-operatives NW
20080219 19/02/2008 Society donation helps unique mosaic project Co-op News 7 East of England Co-op (mosaic project)
20080219 19/02/2008 Group seeks budding writers Co-op News 7 The Co-operative Group, Student Journalist of the Year
20080219 19/02/2008 Co-op MP hits out over the Conway affair Co-op News 8 Jim Dobbin MP, Linda Riordan MP, Derek Conway MP
20080219 19/02/2008 New sports role for French Co-op News 8 Supporters Direct, Philip French
20080219 19/02/2008 FSCS step in to help members Co-op News 8 credit unions, Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
20080219 19/02/2008 Tesco back down Co-op News 8 Barwell, Tesco Express (Barwell)
20080219 19/02/2008 Group sign new travel deal Co-op News 8 The Co-operative Travel Group, Travelcare
20080219 19/02/2008 Fairtrade fabric a sound ethical choice Co-op News 10 Fairtrade cotton fabric, Bishopston Trading Company, K.V.Kuppam
20080219 19/02/2008 Divine set to go on tour Co-op News 10 Divine chocolate, Fairtrade
20080219 19/02/2008 Take the Fairtrade pledge Co-op News 11 Douglas Alexander MP, Peter Marks, Fairtrade
20080219 19/02/2008 Cook up a fair dish Co-op News 11 Fairtrade, The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook
20080219 19/02/2008 fairtrade makes even a bigger mark in Co-operative stores Brad Hill 12 Fairtrade, The Co-operative Group (ethical policy)
20080219 19/02/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 14 Dry Goods Trade Association, Abbey National Building Society, Labour/Co-op
20080219 19/02/2008 Right of free speech needs to be at heart of review Vic Parks 19 Geraint Day, Constitutional Review (Co-op Group), Alan Middleton, The Co-operative Group & United merger, Co-op democracy
20080219 19/02/2008 The demise of the book store Paul Gosling 20 Blackthorns co-op bookshop (Leicester), Bookworm (independent bookshop Derry), Peter Mackenzie, Derry, ‘News From Nowhere’
20080219 19/02/2008 Time we got 'Real Labour' back Linda Riordan 21 Tony Blair, Labour Government, Gordon Brown
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Party's founders would not want to know new Labour Bob Quinney 22 New Labour
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Governance needed Lord Thomas of Macclesfield 22 Pauline Green, The Co-operative Group (governance)
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Party is relevant Richard Coates 22 Labour/Co-op, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Richard Balfe
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Increase Co-op brand in small stores Victor Gander 22 Co-op brand products, small stores
20080219 19/02/2008 News Vews Letters: I can't keep up with the flurry of 'higher interest' accounts Kenneth Phillips 23 Co-op Bank (interest rates)(accounts)
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: movement knows we're against academies Alex Gordon 23 Co-op party (Leics), academy schools, comprehensive schools, Ian G. Andrews
20080219 19/02/2008 news Views Letters: Co-op MPs must protect our schools Colin Richell 23 Labour Party, Co-op stores
20080219 19/02/2008 News Views Letters: Open up future selection process Angela Brown 23 Peter Marks, The Co-operative Group & United merger