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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: Twin targets for Women's Guild Mavis Roper 18 Co-operative Women's Guild
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: Democracy is keyfor our movement Tony Thorpe 18 National Federation of Progressive Co-operators
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: 2007 a year of solid progress John Fitzgerald 18 Midlands Co-op report (2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: The sleeping giant has woken at last Ben Reid 19 Midcounties Co-operative report (2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: Social sector is set to thrive Jonathan Bland 19 Voice 07 Social Enterprise Conference , Social Enterprise Coalition report (2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 New Year Messages: A vibrant News is crutial to us all Jeanette Timmins 19 Co-operative News report (2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 Co-ops provide strengh behind weak economy Paul Gosling 20 financial co-ops, Economy, Federal Home Loan Banks, Northern Rock
20080108 08/01/2008 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 21 Food Standards Agency (FSA), Frank Knox (Blackpool Society), Office of Fair Trading (OFT), group buying (drapery)
20080108 08/01/2008 News Views Letters: No confidence in Group review Philip Rapier 22 Constitutional Review (Co-op Group)
20080108 08/01/2008 News Views Letters: Does the Movement want influence or to be a pressure group? David Griffiths 22 Labour Party, Sven Rufus, Peter Hunt, Co-op Party, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 News Views Letters: We must work together irrespective of politics Ron Muckleston 22 David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), The Co-operative Group, Peter Hunt
20080108 08/01/2008 News Views Letters: Movement must cut Labour links Brian Taylor 23 Labour Party, Peter Hunt, Co-op Party, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007)
20080108 08/01/2008 Let's make 2008 the year for co-ops David Drew 23 Mutuals, third sector, Mark Todd MP, de-mutualisation, Phil Hope MP
20080108 08/01/2008 COMMENT Co-op News 23 co-operative Mpovement 2008
20080122 22/01/2008 Double tonic as two co-ops adopt brand Co-op News 1 Lothian Borders and Angus Society (brand identity), Peter Marks, Chelmsford Star Co-op (brand identity), The Co-operative Group (brand identity)
20080122 22/01/2008 New co-op task force on the way Co-op News 2 Co-op Party, Gareth Thomas MP
20080122 22/01/2008 Group take next step in exit plan Co-op News 2 Co-operative Estates, The Co-operative Group (Manchester Headquarters), Lynda Shillaw
20080122 22/01/2008 Co-op Travel gets Cardiff deal Co-op News 2 Cardiff University (Co-op Travel), Co-operative Travel Group (Cardiff)
20080122 22/01/2008 A happy festive season for UK's top two societies Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (trading results), Midlands Co-op (trading results)
20080122 22/01/2008 Channel Islands sets new record Co-op News 3 Channel Islands Society (trading results)
20080122 22/01/2008 Midlands appoint new HR boss Co-op News 3 Tracey Orr, Midlands Co-op
20080122 22/01/2008 Calls for Network Rail to be turned into a mutual Colin Richell 4 mutualisation, Peter Hunt, Network Rail, Don Touhig MP, Mutuo, Co-op Party
20080122 22/01/2008 Remember Owen's legacy Colin Richell 4 Robert Owen (150th anniversary of his death)
20080122 22/01/2008 Co-operative membership to promote community respect Joan Keysell - page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 5 crime, anti-social behaviour, The Co-operative Group (Social Goals)
20080122 22/01/2008 End of an era as East of England sell dairy plant Co-op News 6 East of England Co-op (dairy), Richard Samson, Dairy Crest