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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20071113 13/11/2007 Fairtrade helps win Queens award page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 15 The Co-operative Group (Fairtrade), Queen's Award for Enterprise
20071113 13/11/2007 Members co-operate to maximise campaigning page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 15 Karen Froggatt, The Co-operative Group (Fairtrade)
20071113 13/11/2007 Refurbs can help put us in top flight, says Marks Paul Gosling 16 The Co-operative Group (refits), Peter Marks
20071113 13/11/2007 Co-op list mania is alive and well Iain Williamson 18 co-op lists
20071113 13/11/2007 A big move is on Lynda's agenda Susan Press 19 Lynda Shillaw, The Co-operative (property)
20071113 13/11/2007 Movement must make online presence count or face decline Siân Barton 20 Graham Mitchell, The Co-op Movement (internet), internet
20071113 13/11/2007 The importance of being co-operative Jim Craigen 22 Edgar Evans, Co-op education, Rita Rhodes
20071113 13/11/2007 Trick or treat? Co-op News 23 David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007)
20071113 13/11/2007 John Blizzard - a true co-operator and socialist Chris Herries 24 John Blizzard
20071113 13/11/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 25 food labelling
20071113 13/11/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Preaching co-opethos to managers is the right move Brian Townsend 26 The Co-operative Group (management), Co-op education for co-op managers
20071113 13/11/2007 NEWS VIEWS: LINks bring limited power Bill Jordan 27 Public and Patient Involvement in Health Forums (PPIHFs)
20071113 13/11/2007 Trust the co-op model for our schools Meg Hillier 27 public services, schools (mutual model), Co-op Party, Mutuo (schools), Labour Party, Co-op College (schools)
20071113 13/11/2007 COMMENT Co-op News 27 David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Conservative Party
20071127 27/11/2007 Co-op Eco Town plans under fire Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (Eco Town), Leicestershire, housing plans (Leicestershire), Eco Town
20071127 27/11/2007 Food co-ops hit difficulties Co-op News 2 ethical food stores, Out of This World (ceases trading)
20071127 27/11/2007 Influx of younger members and men boosts Group Co-op News 2 co-op membership, The Co-operative Group
20071127 27/11/2007 Group's masterplan for Co-op complex Co-op News 3 Co-op building complex (Manchester)
20071127 27/11/2007 College Principal welcomes Cameron's moves Co-op News 3 Mervyn Wilson, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Co-op College
20071127 27/11/2007 Co-op Group trailblazes message page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 The Co-operative Group (membership teams)
20071127 27/11/2007 Long serving director gets President role Co-op News 6 Patrick Gray, Midcounties Co-operative
20071127 27/11/2007 Drink promotions criticised by alcohol charity Co-op News 6 Alcohol Concern, The Co-operative Group (alcohol sales), Don Shenker
20071127 27/11/2007 Lincolnshire Co-op announce record profit of £17.4m Co-op News 8 Lincolnshire Co-operative Society, trading figures
20071127 27/11/2007 Group hosts first online meeting Co-op News 8 The Co-operative Group (first online meeting), online meeting (Co-op Group first)
20071127 27/11/2007 Major award for Midcounties Co-op News 8 Midcounties Co-operative (funerals)