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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20000822 22/08/2000 £2,000 for volunteers Co-op News 4 South Midlands Co-op, Daventry Volunteer Centre
20000822 22/08/2000 Priory gets on the beat Co-op News 5 Northumbria Police, Priory Motor Group
20000822 22/08/2000 Tobacco money filters through: good causes benefiting from Co-op’s altruism Co-op News 5 Richard Samson, Helping Hearts Scheme, Heart of England Co-op
20000822 22/08/2000 Expensive mistake Co-op News 5 Walsall Magistrates, Midlands Co-op dairy
20000822 22/08/2000 Leeds launches holiday club for members Co-op News 5 Millennium Dome, Cyprus, Rochdale Pioneers Museum
20000822 22/08/2000 The illusion of members control Barbara Rogers 6 supervisory boards, Andy Meehan, CRS
20000822 22/08/2000 Yorkshire water’s lost opportunity: Regulator’s dampener for mutual proposals Colin Challen 6 OFWAT, ownership structures, water companies
20000822 22/08/2000 Curmudgeonly alter ego Eddie McDonnell 6 Samuel Marchbanks, R. Robertson Davies
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG Commission must realise that there is no place for big brother Trevor Bottomley 7 Rochdale Principles, national Co-operative, Hugh Gaitskell, Co-operative Commission, Anthony Crosland
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG When is New Labour going to honour election promise? Jim Harling 7 pensioners, Lord Graham of Edmonton, Clement Attlee
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG ‘Co-operative’ - the new identity B.R. Townsend 7 Barbara Rogers, Colin Richell, CWS
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG Readers deprived Marjorie Porter 7 Co-op News
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG I’m critical only when necessary Colin Richell 7 shop closures, CWS Board, District and Regional committees, Barbara Rogers
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG Colin’s rants Colin Beaver 7 rants, Colin Richell
20000822 22/08/2000 Co-op leaders were ahead of their time. Consumer welfare: still a battlefield for UK politics David Lazell 10 Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society, Sir Stafford Cripps, Parliament, W.H. Brown, CWS, Adeline S. Baylor, Michael Young, ‘The People’s Weekly’ Consumers’ Association, Co-op College, A.V. Alexander
20000822 22/08/2000 Spotlight on Durham Development Agency: The North East benefits from close co-operation Simon Binns 11 Theatre Cap-a Pie, Durham Co-operative Development Agency, Derwentside Domestic Violence Youth Forum, Employment Service, Brenda Fulton
20000822 22/08/2000 WESTMINSTER DIARY Don Touhig MP 12 Labour Party, political debate, Labour Government, membership
20000822 22/08/2000 The argument for idealism: Dreams can revive Co-operative vision Brian Townsend 12 William Morris, Civil War Diggers, ‘News From Nowhere’, Clause IV, Labour Party, peasants revolt
20000822 22/08/2000 Age and the numbers game Edgar Evans 12 pensioners
20000822 22/08/2000 pensioners Philip Curtis 13 Lake District, Lancashire, Pennines, The Friends of Real Lancashire
20000822 22/08/2000 SHOP TALK Boots, Somerfield, Sainsbury The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror 13 The Netherlands, car sales, John von Spreckelsen
20000822 22/08/2000 The Way We Were: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 13 Paris, CWS food, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Syd Ainsworth, Helsinki, Peter Gray, Co-op Union
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG EXTRA The new logo Michael Main 14 new society, rainbow motif, logo
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG EXTRA Greater involvement for Co-op directors Geraint Day 14 membership, employee relations, Barbara Rogers, boards of directors
20000822 22/08/2000 NEWS POSTBAG EXTRA Moving forward without spin Co-op Party Martin Stears 14 Co-op Party, CRS/CWS merger