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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20071030 30/10/2007 How activist Paul turned hobby into his day job Susan Press 18 Ethics Dept (Co-op Group), sustainable development, Paul Monaghan, Terry Thomas
20071030 30/10/2007 Co-operative options can help end UK's housing crisis Paul Gosling 20 International Monetary Fund, Community Land Trusts, U.S. co-operative sector, Land for People
20071030 30/10/2007 First among equals Dave Bowman 21 Working Class Movement Library, People's History Museum, Margaret Llewellyn Davies, The Bishopsgate Institute (London), Women Against Pit Closures, National Co-operative Archive
20071030 30/10/2007 ABC guide to the modern co-op Richard Bickle 22 guide to the co-op movement
20071030 30/10/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 24 Sunday trading, National Co-op Housing Forum, City of Bradford (film unit), UK Co-operative Council
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Party structure needs revamp kathy Tinnion 25 North Eastern and Cumbrian Party, Co-op Party Conference (2007), Co-op Party (national individual membership)
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Cameron should get back to the rabbits Sir Richard Knowles 25 Dover & Deal Society
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Lets delve deeper in the community Mike Paxton 25 sustainability, The Co-operative Group (Redhill & Surrey members)
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Societies have to accept change Ken Nolan 25 Alan Middleton, Co-op democracy
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Boards have power Alan Middleton 25 quality of co-op boards, Co-op executives
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Middleton plan will turn Group into a PLC John Sims 26 The Co-operative Group (professional directors), Independent Non Executive Directors (IPNEDS), Alan Middleton
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Get back to social agenda Adam York 26 New Labour, Stephen Twigg MP, Co-op Party
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Let's give our department stores a chance Richard Bickle 26 Anglia Regional Co-operative Society, John Chilcott, Co-operative (non-food)
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Trident is an issue for co-operators John Merrett Bloom 27 ‘The Co-operative Agenda for Labour’, Non-Proliferation Treaty, Co-op Party, Labour Party, co-operatives Act, Trident nuclear weapons system
20071030 30/10/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Independent Party is future Simon Sedgwick-Jell 27 Co-op Party, independent co-op party
20071030 30/10/2007 Keep up the pressure against Burmese junta Meg Munn 27 Burma
20071113 13/11/2007 New look Group off to a flyer Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group (newly enlarged), Peter Marks
20071113 13/11/2007 Cameron's Co-op speech welcomed by Dame Pauline Co-op News 2 Conservative Party, Pauline Green, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Peter Hunt
20071113 13/11/2007 Co-op Party's six-point rebuttal Co-op News 2 Conservative Party, David Cameron (Manchester speech 2007), Co-op Party
20071113 13/11/2007 East of England report increased sales and profits Co-op News 3 trading figures, East of England Co-op
20071113 13/11/2007 Group's credit union now nationwide Co-op News 3 Co-operative Family Credit Union (goes national), Financial Services Authority (FSA)
20071113 13/11/2007 Key player in new brand leaves Group Co-op News 3 Jemima Tomlinson
20071113 13/11/2007 Food scheme expands Co-op News 3 Midcounties Co-operative, Local Harvest
20071113 13/11/2007 Manchester move set to affect up to 7,000 Co-opstaff Co-op News 4 National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), The Co-operative Group (proposed new headquarters), Neil Buist, Co-operatives UK, Lynda Shillaw
20071113 13/11/2007 New role to oversee store security Dave Bowman 6 business crime, Co-op Group Half-Year Meeting 2007