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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070626 26/06/2007 Dame Pauline calls on FSA to protect co-ops Co-op News 2 Musselburgh & Fisherrow Co-op (demutualisation), Financial Services Authority (FSA), Tom Lees, demutualisations, Pauline Green
20070626 26/06/2007 Queen's award handed to Group Co-op News 3 Queen's Award to Industry, The Co-operative Group
20070626 26/06/2007 College archive recognised as a national gem Co-op News 3 Co-op College, National Co-operative Archive, Museums, Libraries & Archives Council, Gillian Lonergan
20070626 26/06/2007 London celebrates Co-op Movement Co-op News 3 The Bishopsgate Institute (London)
20070626 26/06/2007 Co-operative staff take on the community challenge page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 The Co-operative Group (staff), Community Challenge
20070626 26/06/2007 Hot bangers receive acclaim Co-op News 6 National Pig Association
20070626 26/06/2007 United switch to bio-diesel Co-op News 6 United Co-operatives (Health Care Group), bio-diesel
20070626 26/06/2007 NI Coop tops fairtrade awards Co-op News 6 Fairtrade Belfast
20070626 26/06/2007 New PR role for Geoff Co-op News 6 Geoff Simpson
20070626 26/06/2007 Big thinkers plan Scotland's future Co-op News 6 Co-operative Development Scotland, co-op advisory board Scotland
20070626 26/06/2007 Guild offers support to members affected by retail mergers Co-op News 6 National Guild of Co-operators, mergers (member support), Gilsland Spa Hotel
20070626 26/06/2007 CDA pilots new homes project Co-op News 7 David Rogers, communty land trusts, Gloucestershire Land for People (GLP), English Partnerships
20070626 26/06/2007 Secretary worried about Women's Guild future Co-op News 8 Co-operative Women’s Guild, Claire Morgan
20070626 26/06/2007 African co-ops receive £5m from UK Government Co-op News 8 CoopAfrica, Gareth Thomas MP, African Co-operatives, Department for International Development (DFID)
20070626 26/06/2007 CONGRESS 2007: A double tonic for Movement Co-op News 10 Co-operative Congress (2007), The Co-operative Group & United merger, Ben Reid
20070626 26/06/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Group's 'private eye' boosting members offers Co-op News 10 Ruth Spencer, customer service, Co-operative Congress (2007)
20070626 26/06/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Innovate or die, warns new marketing cheif Co-op News 11 Patrick Allen, Co-operative Congress (2007), Co-op marketing
20070626 26/06/2007 CONGRESS 2007: Directors are missing the big picture Co-op News 12 Co-operative Congress (2007), Alan Gill (Congress speech)
20070626 26/06/2007 Kwick Save's downfall is a warning for Movement Paul Gosling 14 Richard Kirk (Peacock's), Kwik Save, Brendan Murtagh, Paul Niklas, convenience stores
20070626 26/06/2007 Work places need to be smoke-free by July deadline advertisement feature 15 Smokefree England
20070626 26/06/2007 Mike paints perfect picture for Co-op Day celebrations at Lowry Susan Press 16 Mike Ash-Edwards, Lowry building (Salford), International Co-op Day (2007)
20070626 26/06/2007 Co-operatives globally to focus on improving corporate social responsibility Siȃn Barton 16 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Russell Gill, values & principles, corporate social responsibility, International Co-op Day (2007)
20070626 26/06/2007 Co-op Day 2007 - What's happening in your area Co-op News 17 local events (Co-op Day 2007)
20070626 26/06/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 20 European pricing law, Co-op Union, Plunkett Foundation
20070626 26/06/2007 Time has come for Co-op ideals in Government Alun Michael 22 Mutuo, Co-op Party (90th anniversary), Ed Milliband, citizen empowerment, Elliot Morley MP, Co-operatives UK, David Miliband, climate changeCo-operatives Uk, Energy4All