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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070529 29/05/2007 MEMORY LANE: 10 years ago: 25 years ago: 50 years ago Co-op News 21 Sir Jack Bailey, Howard Perrow, Pauline Green MEP
20070529 29/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Well done CIS on BP stance Geraint Day 22 CIS (ethical policy), British Petroleum (BP)
20070529 29/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Gordon's pension fund disaster J. H. Walker 22 Co-op Pensions Fund, Gordon Brown
20070529 29/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Chartists went to St Peter's Fields Jim Harold 22 The Lancashire Chartists
20070529 29/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Free youths from prison Chris Sewell 22 Fawcett Society, youth detention, The Children's Society
20070529 29/05/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Trust 'democracy' is so confusing Mick Laws 23 NHS Foundation Trusts, Health Service Logistics (privatisation), Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Andy Hansford
20070529 29/05/2007 Looking for the truth behind 1970s blood scandal Jim Dobbin 23 Dr David Owen, blood supplies (contaminated - imported from USA)
20070529 29/05/2007 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Peter Marks (Group CE elect), Martin Beaumont, Co-operative Congress (2007)
20070612 12/06/2007 End of the road for M&F Co-op Co-op News 1 Musselburgh & Fisherrow Co-op (demutualisation), George Cunningham
20070612 12/06/2007 Bags of initiative Co-op News 2 Channel Islands Society, No Carrier Bag Day
20070612 12/06/2007 Shoppers vote Co-op as the greenest store Co-op News 2 Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), The Co-operative Group (Corporate Affairs), Simon Williams
20070612 12/06/2007 Wooldale members reject merger bid Co-op News 2 Fergie Cowan, merger proposal rejected, Sheffield Society, malcolm O'Grady, Wooldale Co-operative Society
20070612 12/06/2007 Electrical e-store is an online hit Co-op News 2 online electrical store
20070612 12/06/2007 Top green award for Group's ethics Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Environmental Leadership Awards
20070612 12/06/2007 Government told to speed up its review Co-op News 3 Industrial and Provident Society (I&PS) legislation, co-operative legislation
20070612 12/06/2007 Funeralcare launches legal action Co-op News 3 Funeralcare (Dunfermline), Sunday Mail
20070612 12/06/2007 What's in a name? - The Co-operative explained page sponsored by The Co-operative Group 4 Ripple Effect, Liaquat Lal, member learning, The Co-operative Group (learning programme)
20070612 12/06/2007 Will new PM Brown make it a Gala event? Co-op News 6 Gordon Brown, Durham Miners Gala (2007)
20070612 12/06/2007 Chelmsford sets out social goals Co-op News 6 environmental training, Chelmsford Star Co-op
20070612 12/06/2007 Members set to seal Raunds' future Co-op News 6 Keith Tindall, Raunds Society, merger, Midlands Co-op
20070612 12/06/2007 East of England scrambles donations Co-op News 6 Air Ambulance Service, East of England Co-op
20070612 12/06/2007 New faces on Party's National Committee Co-op News 8 Gareth Thomas MP, Co-op Party (NEC), Fay Tinnion, George Conchie, Jeanette Timmins, Paul Flowers, Row Mayhew, David Pownall, Margaret Smyth, Kiran Mahil, Alun Michael MP
20070612 12/06/2007 Midlands honours service champions Co-op News 8 Midlands Co-op, John Fitzgerald, Chris Liddell
20070612 12/06/2007 Triodos launch third sector fund Co-op News 10 Triodos Bank
20070612 12/06/2007 Special treatment for enterprises Co-op News 10 Brave Ltd (formerly Avon CDA)