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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20000725 25/07/2000 Champaign time in Nottingham Co-op News 3 Pricewise, CWS, Greater Nottingham Co-op
20000725 25/07/2000 MP hits at hypocrisy of Hague Co-op News 3 Hague, Andy Reed MP, petrol prices
20000725 25/07/2000 How the Co-op has given TV’s Dawn new hope Co-op News 4 Dawn Sutcliffe, BBC, ‘Forgotten Britain’, Leeds
20000725 25/07/2000 Angela’s tea triumph Co-op News 4 House of Commons, Angela Smith MP, visitors’ centre
20000725 25/07/2000 Co-op MP elected to key post Co-op News 4 Andy Reed MP, East Midlands Sport Board
20000725 25/07/2000 Brighton salute to co-operation: thousands enjoy co-op fun day Co-op News 4 Brighton Corn Exchange, International Co-operative Day
20000725 25/07/2000 Co-ops can help to end poverty George Foulkes 5 New Mutualism, George Foulkes MP, Edgar Parnell, Helping Self Help, Co-op Party, Mervyn Wilson, Clare Short MP
20000725 25/07/2000 'The worlds biggest mutual Co-op News 5 Bill Thompson, Patricia Hewitt MP, E-mutualism, the internet, The tradegy of the Dot Commons
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS BRIEFS: On course for award. Grocers on line Co-op News 5 Co-op travel care, The Institute of Grocery Distribution
20000725 25/07/2000 COMMENT: It’s not the time to seek divorce Co-op News 6 Co-operatives Bill, New Labour, Co-op Party, Jack Straw MP, Tony Blair, Mike McDougall
20000725 25/07/2000 How the Co-op is influencing the next Labour manifesto Jim Lee 6 Co-operation, Co-operative Commission, Labour’s National Policy Forum, Co-op Party
20000725 25/07/2000 Life under the iron heel (recommended reading) Eddie McDonnell 6 The Iron Heel, Jack London
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: Make News available through the checkouts Richard Bickle 7 counter staff, USDAW, CWS, circulation, Co-op News
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: No room on the racks? Sheila Rees 7 local store, Co-op News, Co-op Press
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: Lets keep this vital platform Eddie McDonnell 7 Co-operative Commission, Co-op Press
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: Green issue ignored Frederick Brown 7 Co-op News, recycling
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: National archive would preserve co-op history Christopher Metcalfe & Peter Collier 7 CWS, Co-operative archives, CRS, history of co-operation, Co-op College
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS POSTBAG: Water issue I.J.L. McPherson 7 Scottish local authorities, water supplies, Scottish Parliament
20000725 25/07/2000 New Postbag: Will ethics ever replace profits? Bob Doe 7 CWS, children, advertising, food ethics
20000725 25/07/2000 NEWS IN PICTURES: New Lanark’s International Co-operative Weekend Co-op News 8 Global Inclusion, New Lanark, Wendy Alexander MSP, International Co-operative Weekend
20000725 25/07/2000 'Scotland a country of sleepwalking bigotry’ A nation divided? Simon Binns 11 Catholic, Rangers, T.M. Devine, secular, Edinburgh International Festival, Celtic, James MacMillan
20000725 25/07/2000 Westminster Diary Mike Gapes 11 Comprehensive Spending Review 2000, Labour Government
20000725 25/07/2000 How the co-operative press influenced public opinion: Long Millgate’s history of marvellous media David Lazell 12 Stratford Co-operativre Congress 1904, The Co-operative Home Magazine, Frederick Rogers, W.H. Brown, Co-op News, W.M. Bamford, The Wheatsheaf, The Millgate Monthly, Woman’s Outlook, Long Millgate Manchester, The Browning Settlement Walworth
20000725 25/07/2000 Getting Married in England’s Garden: Off the beaten track Philip Curtis 13 ‘Kent Life’, River Medway, weddings
20000725 25/07/2000 The way we were: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 13 commodity prices, Price Commission, CWS by post service, profits