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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20070123 23/01/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Letters please Barclay Davies 22 letters to Co-op News
20070123 23/01/2007 NEWS VIEWS: A single Co-op needs to be regional Barbara Drew 22 Richard Samson, single national society
20070123 23/01/2007 NEWS VIEWS: Renewable energy needs nuclear boost Bill Jordan 23 Stern Report, Paul Gosling, nuclear power, J A Hunt, renewable energy, Co-op Climate Challenge, The Carbon Trust
20070123 23/01/2007 Our relationship with Labour is under threat Andy Love 23 Labour Party, Sir Hayden Phillips, political parties (funding), Co-op Party, funding of political parties
20070123 23/01/2007 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 4), Gordon Brown
20070206 06/02/2007 A film to change the world? Dave Bowman 1 Black Gold, Tadesse Meskela, Andy Reed MP, Co-op Party, Oromia Coffee Farmers' Co-operative Union, Nick Francis, John Battle MP, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Ethiopian coffee farmers, Marylynne Burbage
20070206 06/02/2007 PM's salute to the Movement Dave Bowman 2 Co-op Party (90th anniversary), Alun Michael MP, Downing Street reception, Tony Blair
20070206 06/02/2007 MP Challen set to quit Co-op News 2 Colin Challen MP, climate change
20070206 06/02/2007 East of England buy 20 c-stores Co-op News 3 convenience store acquisitions, East of England Co-op
20070206 06/02/2007 Nith Valley joins Group Co-op News 3 Scottish co-op, Nith Valley Society
20070206 06/02/2007 Ex-Union manager dies Co-op News 3 Co-op Union, Garth Pratt
20070206 06/02/2007 26 go at depot Co-op News 3 Prologis Park (Coventry), immigration irregularities, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20070206 06/02/2007 Midlands win award Co-op News 4 co-operative staff training, Midlands Co-op
20070206 06/02/2007 Tesco land banks a cause for concern Co-op News 5 Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco (land bank), British Retail Consortium, competition commission report, Kevin Hawkins
20070206 06/02/2007 Over £1m of loans for co-ops Co-op News 5 Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), Co-operative and Community Finance
20070206 06/02/2007 Enterprise movement can inspirt a new Britain Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 8 Voice '07 conference (Manchester), Ed Milliband, third sector
20070206 06/02/2007 Tory MP backs sector in party policy review Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 8 Oliver Letwin MP, social enterprises, Voice '07 conference (Manchester)
20070206 06/02/2007 £73m health care fund for sector Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 9 Ivan Lewis MP, Jonathan Bland, Pathfinder projects, Department of Health, Voice '07 conference (Manchester), Patricial Hewitt MP
20070206 06/02/2007 Never take 'no' for an answer Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 9 Rita Patel, Peepul Centre (Leicester), Voice '07 conference (Manchester)
20070206 06/02/2007 Britain is behind in wind farm initiatives Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 9 Voice '07 conference (Manchester), Energy4All, wind farms, Andrew King
20070206 06/02/2007 Migrant worker idea voted best enterprise Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 10 Voice '07 conference (Manchester), Primus Personnel
20070206 06/02/2007 We're mainstream now - RDA chief Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 10 Baroness Glenys Thornton , Steve Broomhead, North West Development Agency, Social Enterprise Action Plan, social enterprises, Voice '07 conference (Manchester)
20070206 06/02/2007 Sector need to be more bullish Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 10 Tim Smit, social entrepreneurs, Eden Project, Voice '07 conference (Manchester)
20070206 06/02/2007 True value shows Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother 10 Barry Quirk, Lewisham Borough Council, local public assets
20070206 06/02/2007 Maria's wine tasting job is best in Movement! Susan Press 12 Maria Gallup, Fairtrade wine, co-op wines