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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Come and join the Co-op Day celebrations of Mike Ash-Edwards 22 United Co-operatives, World Co-operative Day (2007), Lowry Theatre
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Only four towns escape Tesco dominance Colin Richell 22 Tesco
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Bad debt hitting loyal customers Andrew Wade 22 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Co-op Bank (Privilege Account bank charges)
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: More female views Babs Errington 22 male opinion, women's interests
20061031 31/10/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Chelmsford leading corporate governance standards in Movement Malcolm Wallace 23 Chelmsford Star Co-op, Adrian Coles, 'Good Governance - the code of best practice'
20061031 31/10/2006 The youngsters caught out by catch 16 David Lepper 23 Learning and Skills Council, education, housing, income support, young people, Foyer Federation
20061031 31/10/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 23 Martin Beaumont (early retirement)
20061114 14/11/2006 Now it's Leeds United! Co-op News 1 Leeds Co-op, Peter Marks, United Co-operatives, merger, David Schofield, Sheffield Society
20061114 14/11/2006 Review of co-op law on the way Co-op News 1 Industrial & Provident Societies Act, Credit Unions Act, Ed Balls, co-operative legislation
20061114 14/11/2006 Review process will not be rushed, says Eyre Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Nick Eyre, Chris Herries, quinquennial review
20061114 14/11/2006 New pharmacy appointment Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group (pharmacy), Gordon Farquhar
20061114 14/11/2006 Junk food watershead support Co-op News 2 Andy Reed MP, junk food advertising, Helen Goodman MP
20061114 14/11/2006 Pensions team boost Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group (employee pension scheme)
20061114 14/11/2006 Group stands tall in top 300 co-ops list Co-op News 3 The Co-operative Group, Pauline Green, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Global 300 co-ops list
20061114 14/11/2006 Former CRS chair dies Co-op News 3 Peter Rowbotham
20061114 14/11/2006 United strengthens legal team Co-op News 3 United Co-operatives (Legal Services), Andrew Harrison
20061114 14/11/2006 Phone Co-op keeps artists in touch Co-op News 3 The Phone Co-op, Artsadmin
20061114 14/11/2006 Award recognises Plymouth's growth Co-op News 5 Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, Success Through Change award
20061114 14/11/2006 Five in a row Co-op News 5 Travelcare, Travel and Tourism Awards, Northern Ireland
20061114 14/11/2006 Group to launch new services to benefit members Dave Bowman 6 Martin Beaumont, The Co-operative Group (half-yearly meeting 2006)
20061114 14/11/2006 Pharmacy division ready to expand Dave Bowman 6 pharmacies, The Co-operative Group (half-yearly meeting 2006)
20061114 14/11/2006 Spa deal set to be renewed Dave Bowman 6 Spar, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), The Co-operative Group (half-yearly meeting 2006)
20061114 14/11/2006 Group needs to tap union's potential Dave Bowman 6 Simon Butler, Labour movement, Chris Hall
20061114 14/11/2006 Brand rollout gains momentum Dave Bowman 7 Leeds Co-op, co-operative brand, Terry Morton, Jean Nunn-Price, The Co-operative Group (half-yearly meeting 2006)
20061114 14/11/2006 Bank sympathetic to customers in debt Dave Bowman 7 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Graham Bennett, The Co-operative Group (half-yearly meeting 2006), Geoff Freeman