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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20000530 30/05/2000 Leeds on the rise Co-op News 15 Councillor Brian Selby, co-operative principles, Roundhay
20000530 30/05/2000 CIS NEWS: SPONSORED PAGE: CIS Working towards stakeholder success CIS 16 stakeholder pensions
20000718 18/07/2000 Director general resigns from ICA: board unhappy with recent performance Co-op News 1 Bruce Thordarson, Karl-Johan Flogelstrom, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
20000718 18/07/2000 Call to split from Labour Co-op News 1 Gareth Thomas, Co-op Party, Mike McDougal, Labour Party, Co-operatives Bill
20000718 18/07/2000 Charter for the disabled Co-op News 1 International Charter for Disabled People, Lord Morris of Manchester
20000718 18/07/2000 CWS boosts New Lanark Co-op News 2 Robert Owen’s School for Children, New Lanark, CWS, Harmony, Graham Melmoth
20000718 18/07/2000 Pharmacy expansion by United Co-op News 2 Hazel Grove, United Norwest, pharmacy
20000718 18/07/2000 Share plan boost for Co-op shopworkers Co-op News 2 “All Employee Share Plan”, Co-operative Union, Finance Bill, Bob Burlton
20000718 18/07/2000 CIS motors into the fast lane Co-op News 2 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Derek Wood
20000718 18/07/2000 Co-op Bank’s ATM victory Co-op News 2 Simon Williams, Co-operative Bank
20000718 18/07/2000 Bicester gets a Swift shop Co-op News 2 Swift shop, Bicester, Bure Park
20000718 18/07/2000 Listening campaign success in Scotland: Co-op Commission wants to hear members views Co-op News 3 Independent Co-operative Comission, Scotland
20000718 18/07/2000 Regan’s holiday bail of £500,000 Co-op News 3 CWS, Andrew Regan
20000718 18/07/2000 CWS Farms boss Co-op News 3 Christine Tacon, CWS Farms Group
20000718 18/07/2000 Mayor’s enlistment boosts credit union Co-op News 3 City of Hull Credit Union, Cllr. Beattie Ware
20000718 18/07/2000 WESTMINSTER DIARY Lord Graham 4 Parliament, House of Lords, House of Commons
20000718 18/07/2000 Barbara Rodgers advises Review Board: Its ability that matters, not age Barbara Rodgers 4 Labour Party, Co-op Party, Rules and Practices Review Board, Congress, CWS
20000718 18/07/2000 Always the first casualty Eddie McDonnell 4 'The First Casualty’, Philip Knightley, war
20000718 18/07/2000 BOOK REVIEW: Racism in Football – how much has changed? Simon Binns 5 Walter Tull, racism, ‘Colouring over the White Line’ Phil Vasili, Arthur Wharton, football
20000718 18/07/2000 Co-operation is crucial for the Welsh Assembly Lorraine Barrett 10 Huw Lewis, Labour Party, Simon Jones, Karen Wilkie, Peter Hunt, National Assembly for Wales, Alun Michael MP, Wales Co-operative Centre
20000718 18/07/2000 LETTERS: Members should have a say in store sell-offs Colin Richell 11 LETTER: CRS/CWS merger, Sandbrook Park
20000718 18/07/2000 LETTERS: Theatre has a role in the Movement David Lazell 11 theatre, Co-op College, LETTER: CWS Retail
20000718 18/07/2000 LETTERS: Theatre has a role in the Movement Campbell Kay 11 LETTER: Co-operative Arts Theatre
20000718 18/07/2000 LETTERS: ‘Classic case of malice to CRS’ from ex-Editor Barbara Rodgers 11 CWS, Phil Davies, LETTER: Geoff Whiteley, David Robey, CRS, General Councils, Geoff Thompson, Harry Moore, Registrar of Friendly Societies
20000718 18/07/2000 Lack of Co-operatives Bill the final straw: Time to sever our links with Labour? Mike McDougall 12 Co-op Party, Co-operative Commission, Labour Party, Co-operatives Bill, electoral agreement