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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20061003 03/10/2006 Soap star Brian at Co-op funeral hime Co-op News 3 Midlands Co-op funeral services, Brian Capron
20061003 03/10/2006 Co-op MP set to bow out Co-op News 4 David Lepper MP
20061003 03/10/2006 Group buys six stores Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, acquisitions
20061003 03/10/2006 New labelling scheme makes Co-op debut Co-op News 6 Food Standards Agency (FSA), Co-op brand products, traffic light labelling scheme
20061003 03/10/2006 Be bold on climate change, urges Bank Colin Richell 6 climate change, renewable electricity, Co-op Bank (ethical consumerism report), Simon Williams, Labour Party confernce (Manchester 2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 Enterprises on SEC shortlist Colin Richell 6 Jonathan Bland, Social Enterprise Coalition, Enterprising Solutions Awads (2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 South East Membership creates a buzz at Thames Festival article sponsored by The Co-operative Group 7 The Co-operative Group (membership scheme), Thames Festival
20061003 03/10/2006 East of England buy food store Co-op News 8 East of England Co-op (aquisition)
20061003 03/10/2006 Olive co-op's tour schedule Co-op News 8 Olive Co-operative
20061003 03/10/2006 Barclays backs credit unions Co-op News 8 Barclays, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)
20061003 03/10/2006 MP salutes new-look News Co-op News 8 Alun Michael MP, Co-op Party conference (2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 Co-op Party should become a pressure group, says activist Co-op News 8 David Leigh, Sheffield, Co-op party (agreement with Labour), Co-op Party conference (2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 Travelcare gets the edge Co-op News 8 Edge Employer Awards (2006), Lincolnshire Co-operative Society (travel)
20061003 03/10/2006 Party backs credit unions Co-op News 10 credit unions
20061003 03/10/2006 Woodcraft funding plea Co-op News 10 Woodcraft Folk - funding
20061003 03/10/2006 Call to give communities control Colin Richell 10 democracy
20061003 03/10/2006 Delegates vote to scrap 'farcical' honours system Co-op News 10 Co-op Party conference (2006), honours system in Britain
20061003 03/10/2006 Party backs News Co-op News 10 Co-op News, Co-op Party conference (2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 Cost-cutting concerns shown Co-op News 10 Co-op Party (funding), Jeanette Timmins, Co-op Party conference (2006)
20061003 03/10/2006 Co-op's chance to help shape Labour policies - Thomas Dave Bowman 11 internationalism, Labour Party, Co-op Party conference (2006), Gareth Thomas MP, Stephen Twigg MP
20061003 03/10/2006 Range of suggestions for 90th birthday celebration Dave Bowman 11 Co-op Party conference (2006), Co-op Party 90th anniversary
20061003 03/10/2006 Emergency motion passed Dave Bowman 11 Jack McConnell MSP, Nicholas Russell, Co-op Party conference (2006), homophobic hate crime
20061003 03/10/2006 Co-op-only plea remitted Dave Bowman 11 Jean Nunn-Price, Co-op Party conference (2006), Richard Tomlinson, debates only on co-operative issues
20061003 03/10/2006 Collect direct service a winner for United John Nuttall 13 pharmacies, Co-op Excecutive Pharmacists Conference (2006), United Co-operatives, Collect Direct for prescriptions, Health Care
20061003 03/10/2006 Group has embraced the changing pharmacy world Neil Braithwaite 14 The Co-operative Group (pharmacy)