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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060919 19/09/2006 CO-OP STUDIES CONFERENCE 2006: Opportuities are there for Movement Kevin McGrother 12 mutual sector, co-operative education, Fairtrade, Stephen Yeo
20060919 19/09/2006 CO-OP STUDIES CONFERENCE 2006: Allow workers to be self organised Kevin McGrother 12 Mondragon, Bob Cannell, SUMA, Dr Angela Espinosa, Viable Systems Model (VSM)
20060919 19/09/2006 Co-op Funeral Services Managers gather for annual conference Kevin McGrother 13 Ben Reid, National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), Chris Cooper, Alan Slater, Co-op Funeral Services Managers Association conference (2006), Simon Fisher, David Dernley, US Homeland Security & Federal Emergency agency
20060919 19/09/2006 Valuing the past ... securing the future Simon Fisher 14 funeral directors, Co-op College, Chris Cooper, Graham Lymn, Co-operative Funeral Service Managers Association (CFSMA), Steve Pearce
20060919 19/09/2006 John to take over top role Co-op News 14 Funeralcare, Co-operative Funeral Service Managers Association (CFSMA), John Williamson
20060919 19/09/2006 Mutuality is still a winner in financial services Paul Gosling 18 mutual insurance and financial services, Child Trust Fund, Nationwide Building Society, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, Frizzell, Lord Naseby, Children's Mutual friendly society
20060919 19/09/2006 Savings co-ops plentiful in modern day Hungary Carl Rowlands 18 credit unions in Hungary, Hungary (savings co-ops)
20060919 19/09/2006 Party's young minds tackle fresh challenges Susan Press 20 Co-op Party conference (2006), Martin Tiedemann, Alex Baker, Co-op Party Support Unit
20060919 19/09/2006 How the Co-op fared - green agenda Co-op News 21 climate change, packaging , National Consumer Council (NCC), Greening Supermarkets report, Marine Stewardship Council, pesticides
20060919 19/09/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 24 Co-operative Union, Co-op Bank (ethical banking), Spennymoor supermarket
20060919 19/09/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Labour members need to regain control of their party John Merrett Bloom 25 Labour Government, privatisation, Meg Munn MP
20060919 19/09/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Members need direct influence with the Group Allan J. Tubb 26 Co-op democracy, David Lazell, Robin Martakies, The Co-operative Group (membership scheme), co-op members (role of)
20060919 19/09/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Leeds store offers information centre promoting Co-op values Janet Wilson 26 Member Education, co-op values & principles, Mat Coward, Leeds Co-op (in store information centre), Viewpoint computer terminal
20060919 19/09/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Decisions not led by members Mick Laws 26 Vic Parks, Project Exchequer , Adrienne Lowe, Tunbridge Wells store
20060919 19/09/2006 NEWS VIEWS: I'm an expert on these experts Sir Richard Knowles 27 NHS, Bob Findlay, professional advice in public service
20060919 19/09/2006 Labour needs to modernise for the future Don Touhig 27 Labour Party, Labour Government
20060919 19/09/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 27 Clare Short MP
20061003 03/10/2006 Group's profits up 32% Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont, trading figures
20061003 03/10/2006 Heart of England posts positive half-year results Co-op News 2 Heart of England Co-op, trading results, Ali Kurji
20061003 03/10/2006 Southern's environmental jute-y Co-op News 2 jute bags
20061003 03/10/2006 Travelcare sales drop in 'difficult' climate Co-op News 2 The Co-operative Group, Travelcare, trading results
20061003 03/10/2006 Midcounties makes goos progress Co-op News 3 trading results, Midcounties Co-operative
20061003 03/10/2006 Soap star Brian at Co-op funeral hime Co-op News 3 Midlands Co-op funeral services, Brian Capron
20061003 03/10/2006 Co-op MP set to bow out Co-op News 4 David Lepper MP
20061003 03/10/2006 Group buys six stores Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, acquisitions