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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060530 30/05/2006 bank raids threated to destabilise German economy Paul Gosling 20 asset-strippers, Germany, sale of assets, Trustee Savings Bank (sale of), hedge funds, Franz M√ľntefering, co-operative banks (Germany)
20060530 30/05/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 24 CWS dividend, Dry Goods Trade Association
20060530 30/05/2006 Wake-up call for retail co-ops? Jim Craigen 25 Peter Marks, single national society, retail co-operation , Sheena Bluer, closure of stores
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Marks' call for national society has valid points Ian Wright 26 Peter Marks, co-operative brand, single national society, mergers
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Hodge not to blame for BNP showing Martin Rogan 26 British National Party (BNP), Margaret Hodge
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: NHS needs public opinion Bill Jordan 26 NHS, Patient and Public Involvement in Health Forums
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Palm oil may be cheap, but it's not friendly Clare Frisby 26 Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), climate change, Green Gold Biodiesel, palm oil, tropical rain forest
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Conference highlight a delight Patricia and Roy Stuttard 26 Co-op Press, Erskine Holmes, Susan Press, Pensioners Parliament (Blackpool 2006), National Pensioners' Convention
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Highlighting mistakes is not disloyal Colin Richell 27 brand identity, Ken Nolan, The Co-operative Group (Food Retail)
20060530 30/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: How long can decline continue? Jim Nicholl 27 Ken Nolan, The Co-operative Group (Food Retail)
20060530 30/05/2006 COMMENT Co-op News 27 Ben Reid, co-op congress
20060530 30/05/2006 Renewable energy has mutual benefits Lorraine Barrett 27 social enterprise, Welsh Assembly, green energy, security of energy
20060613 13/06/2006 New identity is a winner, says Monks Co-op News 1 Leeds Co-op, brand identity, United Co-operatives, Alan Gill, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), John Monks, Co-operative Commission (2001), Co-operative Brand Panel, Midcounties Co-operative
20060613 13/06/2006 Co-op brand 'most trusted on high street' Co-op News 1 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont, AccountAbility, National Consumer Council (NCC)
20060613 13/06/2006 Burlton to tackle fresh chalenges Co-op News 2 Ben Reid, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Bob Burlton, Midcounties Co-operative
20060613 13/06/2006 East of England post strong set of first annual results Co-op News 2 trading results, East of England Co-op
20060613 13/06/2006 Bank turns away £10m of unethical business Co-op News 2 Co-op Bank, ethical banking
20060613 13/06/2006 Group ends home store trials Co-op News 3 department stores, The Co-operative Group (home store)
20060613 13/06/2006 Midlands in Tesco tussle Co-op News 3 Midlands Co-op, Tesco, Birmingham City Council, Stirchley, Paul Tilsley
20060613 13/06/2006 International Co-op Day on the horizon Co-op News 4 South Yorkshire Festival, Gareth Thomas MP, International Co-operative Day, War on Want, CIVICUS World Assembly, Co-operation: an ethical alternative, Doncaster Wheatsheaf Singers
20060613 13/06/2006 CONGRESS 2006: Training budget hits College Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother & Karen Carpenter 6 Chris Cooper, Mervyn Wilson, David Gibson, Co-op College (AGM 2006)
20060613 13/06/2006 CONGRESS 2006: Co-op's future in financial sector Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother & Karen Carpenter 6 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), Craig Shannon, banking in the supermarket sector
20060613 13/06/2006 CONGRESS 2006: Press set to meet turn-around target Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother & Karen Carpenter 6 Co-op News, Jeanette Timmins, Project Exchequer , Co-op Press (AGM 2006)
20060613 13/06/2006 CONGRESS 2006: Burlton urges societies to 'empower' workers Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother & Karen Carpenter 7 Bob Burlton, consumer and worker owned societies, co-operative employees
20060613 13/06/2006 CONGRESS 2006: Headache of the 6th principle Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray, Kevin McGrother & Karen Carpenter 7 Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG), co-operation among co-operatives, Philip Hardman, Co-operative Legal Services (CLS), competition law