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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060516 16/05/2006 A busy programme for Congress Co-op News 12 Meg Munn MP, Co-op Congress (2006), single national society (congress 2006), Fairtrade (congress 2006)
20060516 16/05/2006 Improving co-operative standards for nearly 30 years Susan Press 14 John Butler, Co-operative Union, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), corporate governance, Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM), UK Society for Co-operative Studies, Co-ops UK Code of Best Practice for Co-operative Societies, single co-operative society, J. C. Gray, Institute of Co-op Directors
20060516 16/05/2006 Incompetent directors are responsible for deflating the Movement Paul Gosling 16 Financial Services Authority (FSA), Graham Stow, Co-operative Commission (2001), co-op directors (qualifications), Piers Williamson, governance codes, leadership skills for co-op directors
20060516 16/05/2006 Shoe shine scheme helps people off streets Kevin McGrother 18 London, homeless, StreetShine, Simon Fenton Jones
20060516 16/05/2006 Mixing ethics and big busuness works Co-op News 18 Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Community Action Network, Match Winners report
20060516 16/05/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 20 John Gallacher, Alf Morris MP
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Well done to the Group's success Ken Nolan 22 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Norwich Union's actions do not hit ethical policy Russ Brady 22 Ethical Policy, Norwich Union, Mick Laws, Pleural Plaques and asbestos, Zurich, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)ethical
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Firms should replace competitive streak with a co-operative streak Mike Paxton 22 competitiveness, Monopolies Commission
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Funeralcare already gas a very successful brand Alasdair Russell 22 Funeralcare (Scotland)
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: I nearly lost my raspberries John Beasley 22 Co-op staff and members
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Education, education, education... striving for a co-op curriculum Pam Walker 23 Mervyn Wilson, Bill Jordan, East of England Co-op (working is schools and colleges)
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: No shame in accepting windfall Chris Rogers 23 Paul Gosling, demutualisations
20060516 16/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: They'll cull humans next Bob Findlay 23 Leslie Frietag, Canadian seal culls
20060516 16/05/2006 Climate change targets are being hit Rhona Brankin 23 Scottish Executive, climate change (Scotland)
20060530 30/05/2006 Brand blow as United opt out Co-op News 1 brand identity, Peter Marks, United Co-operatives, Martin Beaumont, Brand Project Panel
20060530 30/05/2006 United confirm biggest ever deal Co-op News 1 Peter Marks, United Co-operatives, P Williams Pharmacy
20060530 30/05/2006 Independents vow to monitor progress Co-op News 1 brand identity
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: New life to be injected into own brand range Dave Bowman 2 healthy eating, Co-op brand products, Dave Doyle
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Stores to shout about mutuality Dave Bowman 2 mutual ownership, Co-operative difference, The Co-operative Group (notice boards)
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Food retail looking at housing schemes Dave Bowman 2 Terry Morton, co-op outlets on housing developments
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Group set to target new ventures Dave Bowman 2 Terry Morton, department stores, Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) launch
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Portable induction loop trial Dave Bowman 2 Chris Herries, portable induction loops in food stores
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Controversial choices have led to stronger foundations for Group Dave Bowman 3 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont
20060530 30/05/2006 CO-OP GROUP AGM 2006: Consumer champion position defended Dave Bowman 3 The Co-operative Group, responsible retailing, Chris Herries, consumer champions, trans fatty acids