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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060502 02/05/2006 Proxy votes enable M&F Co-op chief to win confidence vote Co-op News 3 Musselburgh & Fisherrow Co-op (demutualisation), Jean Whitehead, Pat Jamieson, Barbara Archibald, Peter Henderson, Financial Services Authority (FSA), George Cunningham, Tom Lees (vote of no confidence)
20060502 02/05/2006 Quadrant store relaunched Co-op News 3 Chelmsford Star Co-op
20060502 02/05/2006 Robert Owen commemoration Colin Richell 3 Jim Burton, Hatton Davidson, Robert Owen Museum Association
20060502 02/05/2006 New proof of age website Co-op News 3 proof of age schemes
20060502 02/05/2006 CIS pressure boosts sustainable palm oil Co-op News 4 palm oil, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
20060502 02/05/2006 The world is set to visit Scotland Co-op News 5 International co-operation, CIVICUS World Assembly, International Co-operative Day, Scottish co-op, Make Poverty History (2005)
20060502 02/05/2006 Disability support Co-op News 5 Scottish Co-op Diversity working Group, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, disabilities, Scottish Disabled Football Championships
20060502 02/05/2006 Exhibiting Co-op principles Co-op News 5 The Co-operative Group (Scotland), co-op principles
20060502 02/05/2006 Staff commitment Co-op News 5 Scottish co-op
20060502 02/05/2006 Social enterprise support needs to be strengthened Co-op News 7 Small Business Service, Co-operatives UK, Helen Seymour
20060502 02/05/2006 Society changes to voting by post Co-op News 8 John Riley, postal voting, Electoral Reform Services, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20060502 02/05/2006 Charities thank bank Co-op News 8 Tony Juniper, Ethical Policy, International Finance Corporation, Paul Monaghan
20060502 02/05/2006 Burton's new role Co-op News 8 United Co-operatives Healthcare Group, Elizabeth Burton
20060502 02/05/2006 Profits up again at Leeds Co-op Co-op News 8 Leeds Co-op, trading figures
20060502 02/05/2006 United process 11m prescriptions Co-op News 10 United Co-op Healthcare
20060502 02/05/2006 Group offers legal services Co-op News 10 Eddie Ryan, Martin Beaumont, Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) launch
20060502 02/05/2006 Plymouth sales up - but profits drop Co-op News 10 Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, trading figures
20060502 02/05/2006 Morgan tribute to ex - Co-op AM Co-op News 10 Rhodri Morgan, Peter Law
20060502 02/05/2006 Destruction from an angry sea Stirling Smith 12 primary co-operative societies, organic coconut trees, Chennai (India), Ellon Hinego (secondary co-operative), Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Indian government public distribution system, tsunami disaster
20060502 02/05/2006 When 'windfall$' can be shortfall$ Paul Gosling 14 Sandy Crombie, Royal Liver Assurance, demutualisation, Steven Burnett, Ian Lumsden, Financial Services Authority (FSA), Margaret Cole, Building Societies Association, Ned Cazalet, Standard Life, David Woods
20060502 02/05/2006 Stalwart fights for pensioners' rights Susan Press 16 Labour Party, National Pensioners' Convention, Pensioners Parliament (Blackpool 2006), NHS, trades unions, Joe Harris
20060502 02/05/2006 Loss prevention event tackles terrorism impact Co-op News 17 Co-operative Loss Prevention Services Association, terrorism, economic crime
20060502 02/05/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 20 Peter Paxton, card-based divi (Northern Ireland), Restrictive Trade Practices Bill
20060502 02/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Canada are only trying to preserve fish stocks Leslie Freitag 21 World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Canadian seal culls
20060502 02/05/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Co-op antiques Keith Hood 21 Penrith Society, Nawarth Collieries Co-op (fixtures and fittings)