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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
7306 01/04/2019 ABCUL Conference: Association of British Credit Unions meets in Manchester to plan the sector’s future Co-op News 28 Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), credit unions, John Glen
7306 01/04/2019 Treasury Minister pledges support and urges sector to push financial inclusion Co-op News 29 John Glen (economoic secretary to the treasury), financial inclusion, financial inclusion
7306 01/04/2019 A hundred years of education: Building for the future Cilla Ross 30 Stanford Hall, Holyoake House, Rochdale Pioneers, Co-operative College centenary, co-operative education
7306 01/04/2019 Co-operation: Addressing the challenges of our time Hazel Johnson 31 organisation, Fenella Porter, Co-operation, global co-operation, Cilla Ross, challenges, Linda Shaw, Co-operative University
7306 01/04/2019 Adult Education 100 campaign Q&A with Nigel Todd Co-op News & Nigel Todd 33 ‘1919 Report’, adult education, Adult Education 100 campaign, Co-op College
7306 01/04/2019 Timeline Co-op News 34 Co-op College time line 1830 - 2019
7306 01/04/2019 Rochdale to Rwanda Gemma Obeng 36 co-operation beyond borders, Co-op College, Greater Manchester Youth Network, Malawi, Christian Aid, Autistic Society for Greater Manchester, Zambia, Rwanda
7306 01/04/2019 Building a Co-operative University: And gaining degree awarding powers Anca Voinea 38 Co-operative University, RED Learning Co-operative Oxford, Leicester Vayghan College, Simon Parkinson, Centre for Human Ecology Glasgow, Cilla Ross, Co-op College, Hazel Johnson, Feral ArtSchool Hull
7306 01/04/2019 The Co-operative Heritage Trust: Reinvigorating the Rochdale story Anca Voinea 40 the Rochdale story, uniting communities, National Co-operative Archive, Liz McIvor, The Co-operative Heritage Trust, Pioneer Pantry
7306 01/04/2019 Gillian Lonergan: Librarian at the Co-operative Heritage Trust’s National Co-operative Archives Rebecca Harvey & Gillian Lonergan 43 National Co-operative Archive, Holyoake House, Gillian Lonergan, Co-op College, Co-op Union, Co-operative Heritage Trust, George Jacob Holyoake, Stanford Hall
7306 01/04/2019 Co-op Academies Trust: Plans to be a driving force within the co-operative schools movement Anca Voinea 46 Co-operative Schools Movement, The Co-operative Group, Russell Gill, Co-op College, Co-op Academies Trust, co-op values, Mervyn Wilson
7306 01/04/2019 BOOKS: A century of education, social change and the Co-operative College Nick Matthews 48 co-op alternative, Community Economic Development, Mike Neary, Learning For A Co-operative World by Tom Woodin & Linda Shaw, Cilla Ross, internationalism, Prof. Richard Hall, consumer movement educational crisis, Josh Winn, neoliberal model, Building Sustainable Co-operatives, Prof Rory Ridley-Duff, Prof. Mike Cook, Robert Owen
20000530 30/05/2000 NO TO CO-OP UK Co-op News 1 single national society, CWS/CRS merger, Co-operative Commission, Pat Wheatley
20000530 30/05/2000 Lord Fyfe quits two top co-op positions Co-op News 1 CWS, Midlands Co-op, Lord Fyfe of Fairfield
20000530 30/05/2000 Launch of Movement's portal web site Co-op News 2 co-operative portal web sites, Pauline Green, Congress 2000, Co-op College, millennium initiatives
20000530 30/05/2000 Burlton's warning for the strugglers Co-op News 2 Bob Burlton, Co-operative Union, Performance Report, Pauline Green, Congress 2000
20000530 30/05/2000 £6,346,131 – that's co-op's charity total Co-op News 2 Co-op Union, Congress 2000, Pauline Green, local initiatives and charities
20000530 30/05/2000 Congress salutes the news Co-op News 2 Congress 2000, Co-operative News
20000530 30/05/2000 Lincoln leads the way Co-op News 2 Lincoln Co-operative Society, Congress 2000
20000530 30/05/2000 Movement must face the facts of life, says Monks Co-op News 3 Co-operative Commission, Congress 2000, Hugh Gaitskell, John Monks
20000530 30/05/2000 Commission welcomes presidents remarks Co-op News 3 Congress 2000, Pat Wheatley, Co-operative Commission
20000530 30/05/2000 CRTG hits 90% mark Co-op News 3 buying group, Co-operative Retail Trading Group (CRTG)
20000530 30/05/2000 Ex – President opts for 13 regionals Co-op News 3 National Federation of Progressive Co-operators, Co-operative Commission, Alan Middleton
20000530 30/05/2000 New name needed says Lord Morris, Co-op News 4 CWS Annual Meeting 2000, Rules review and Practices Board, Lord Morris of Manchester, new name for CWS
20000530 30/05/2000 Advantage gets members vote Co-op News 4 Leeds Co-op, Brian Selby , promotion of the Co-operative Advantage, Margaret McCafferty