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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060321 21/03/2006 Here's to Fairtrade! Co-op News 18 George Alagiah, Dorothy Ormrod, Chelmsford Star Co-op, Midcounties Co-operative, Fairtrade Fortnight (2006), Pinky Badhan
20060321 21/03/2006 Commission inquiry crucial to Co-op sector Paul Gosling 20 superstores, Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Competition Commission, New Economics Foundation, Small Shops Group (Parliamentary)
20060321 21/03/2006 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 20 Leeds Co-op, Northern Ireland, Peter Paxton
20060321 21/03/2006 School uniforms get fairtrade launch Kevin McGrother 21 Fairtrade Fortnight (2006), fairtrade organic school uniforms, Clean Slate, Mark Rogers, organic cotton
20060321 21/03/2006 Social enterprise brand strategy Co-op News 21 Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition (SSEC), Jon Molyneux, social enterprise brand
20060321 21/03/2006 Neil bids to make NACO a stronger force Susan Press 22 National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), Neil Buist
20060321 21/03/2006 NEWS VIEWS: 'Bizarre circumstances' at Musselborough Co-op confuse members George Cunningham 26 Musselburgh & Fisherrow Co-op (demutualisation), Tom Lees, George Cunningham, redundencies (M&F Co-op), resignations from Board of M&F Co-op, co-op privatatisation (M&F)
20060321 21/03/2006 NEWS VIEWS: Selling its principles name withheld 26 Midcounties Co-operative, Leslie Frietag, sale of care homes
20060321 21/03/2006 Tesco can easily become the 'Co-op' Colin Richell 26 Tesco, competition
20060321 21/03/2006 NEWS VIEWS: 99 questions answered John Harrington 27 Co-op 99 Tea, Victor Barton
20060321 21/03/2006 NEWS VIEWS: 99 questions answered Gillian Lonergan 27 Co-op 99 Tea, The 99 Story, co-op tea advertising and promotion
20060321 21/03/2006 Roof justice on Scottish Parliament! Johann Lamont 27 Scottish Co-operative Development Agency, Fairtrade Fortnight (2006), Scottish Parliament building, Scottish Executive, renewable strategy
20060404 04/04/2006 Signs of the times? Co-op News 1 brand identity, Zoƫ Morgan, The Co-operative Group (re-brand), brand identity pilot Hull, brand identity pilot Northampton
20060404 04/04/2006 Group buys 49 funeral homes Co-op News 1 Funeralcare, Fairways (funerals), David Hendry
20060404 04/04/2006 New merger looms as Brixham joins Plymouth fold Co-op News 2 Midlands Co-op, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society, merger, Douglas Fletcher, John Fitzgerald, Brixham Co-op, Desborough Co-op, Michael Major, Peter Bushell
20060404 04/04/2006 CFS appoints HR director Co-op News 2 Cathy Wilcher
20060404 04/04/2006 Coulsdon Co-op closes Co-op News 2 Coulsdon store (Surrey)
20060404 04/04/2006 Southern YAP initiative Colin Richell 2 Southern Co-operatives, Respect Task Force, Yapton Advice Partnership
20060404 04/04/2006 Financial inclusion conference Co-op News 2 financial inclusion
20060404 04/04/2006 Milk co-op's marketing man Colin Richell 2 Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB), Michael Cohen
20060404 04/04/2006 Burlton's salute to departed Laird Co-op News 3 Bill Laird, Bob Burlton
20060404 04/04/2006 United praise brand project Co-op News 3 Peter Marks, United Co-operatives, Brand Project Panel
20060404 04/04/2006 Pharmacy helps pub smokers Co-op News 3 smoking ban, Co-op Pharmacy
20060404 04/04/2006 Social impact of co-ops to be revealed Co-op News 3 Paul Monaghan, Co-operative Commission (2001), Key Social and Co-operative performance Indicators, Co-op Congress (2006)
20060404 04/04/2006 Peter named 'employee of the year' Co-op News 4 United Co-operatives Funeral Group, Peter Kelly