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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20060110 10/01/2006 Unions hit out at pension changes Co-op News 3 NACO, Sharon Ainsworth, The Co-operative Group (final pension scheme), Lindsay Ewing, Amicus, joint trades union committee, USDAW
20060110 10/01/2006 Bank foils workers' £300k theft Co-op News 3 theft, Co-op Bank (theft from customer accounts), Paul Sherwood, Paul Hanley
20060110 10/01/2006 CIS solar project named as top 'green' initiative Co-op News 3 CIS Tower - solar project, Malcolm Wicks MP, renewable energy
20060110 10/01/2006 Fairtrade oranges available all year Co-op News 4 Fairtrade oranges, AgroFair
20060110 10/01/2006 Tsunami fundraising gives new hope Co-op News 4 Co-operatives UK Tsunami Appeal, Co-operative Aid Development Fund, Pauline Green, Tsunami (Asia)
20060110 10/01/2006 Lottery funding delay rescued Co-op News 4 Co-operative Action, Sarah Lees, Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency
20060110 10/01/2006 Scottish Co-op supports art project Co-op News 4 Scottish Co-operative Community Dividend fund
20060110 10/01/2006 £2k grant for culture centre Co-op News 6 Hindu culture (Birmingham), Midlands Co-op
20060110 10/01/2006 Biodiesel co-op opens UK's first dedicated garage Co-op News 6 Matt Favier, Manchester Biodiesel Co-operative , Green Gold Biodiesel
20060110 10/01/2006 Renewed interest in co-ops Co-op News 6 Together for Peace Festival (Leeds), Leeds Co-op, Make Poverty History (2005)
20060110 10/01/2006 New Winchester credit union Co-op News 6 Southern Co-operatives, Winchester Area District Savers, credit unions, David Blowe
20060110 10/01/2006 Local co-op directory launched Co-op News 8 Kathrin Luddecke, Midcounties Co-operative, Co-op Directory (2006)
20060110 10/01/2006 Group succeeds in retail therapy Co-op News 8 Retail Therapy 2005, The Co-operative Group (retail performance), Becky Toal
20060110 10/01/2006 Pupils co-operate Co-op News 8 Bearpark Artists Co-op (Co. Durham), Epinay School (Jarrow)
20060110 10/01/2006 Former CWS librarian dies Colin Richell 8 Bernard Howcroft, Co-op: the peoples business, CWS library and information unit
20060110 10/01/2006 New Midlands store Co-op News 8 Midlands Co-op (new store)
20060110 10/01/2006 Pharmacy acquisitions Co-op News 8 Merthyr Tydfil, Co-operative Group Pharmacy
20060110 10/01/2006 Leeds Co-op vow to carry on single pupplements fight Co-op News 9 Gerry Sutcliffe MP, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Paul Daley, Leeds Co-op Travel (single supplements)
20060110 10/01/2006 Doug faces new year with confidence Susan Press 12 Douglas Fletcher, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20060110 10/01/2006 Food Co-ops need to embrace the WWWay Paul Gosling 13 online shopping service, Co-op (online shopping), Sainsbury
20060110 10/01/2006 NEW YEAR MESSAGES: Difficult decisions taken to make a successful Co-op Martin Beaumont 14 review of the year 2005, The Co-operative Group
20060110 10/01/2006 NEW YEAR MESSAGES: Commitment shown by staff and members is appreciated Bob Burlton 14 The Co-operative Group, review of the year 2005
20060110 10/01/2006 NEW YEAR MESSAGES: The next year may be even more challenging George Conchie 15 UK Society for Co-operative Studies
20060110 10/01/2006 NEW YEAR MESSAGES: Succssful year for Young Co-operatives Kevin McGrother 15 Young Co-operatives
20060110 10/01/2006 NEW YEAR MESSAGES: Best qualities should be focus Barbara Rogers 15 National Federation of Progressive Co-operators