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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20051115 15/11/2005 Co-ops in a strong position to deliver public services Co-op News 4 Pauline Green, Kate Stanley, Howard Reed, Co-operatives UK, public services delivery report (2005), public services/co-operatives, Co-operative Action
20051115 15/11/2005 President elected at new society Co-op News 4 East of England Co-op, John Holmes, Gillian Anne Bober
20051115 15/11/2005 Green energy towers over Manchester Co-op News 5 Bryan Gray, Northwest Development Agency, CIS Tower - solar project, David Anderson, Solar Century, Tony Blair
20051115 15/11/2005 Use poverty logo as a reminder Co-op News 5 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), International Labour Organisation (ILO), co-operating out of poverty (COOP)
20051115 15/11/2005 Pharmacy acquisition Co-op News 5 Weston Super-Mare (co-op pharmacy)
20051115 15/11/2005 New role for Woodhouse Co-op News 5 Lloyd Woodhouse , Heart of England Funeral Division
20051115 15/11/2005 Group sponsors Co-op Net Co-op News 5 Total Coverage, Co-op Net
20051115 15/11/2005 Pharmacists told to keep ahead of developments Co-op News 6 Sue Sharpe, NHS, electronic prescriptions, Co-op Pharmacies, Association of Co-operative Executive Pharmacists, Primary Care Trusts
20051115 15/11/2005 Free website offer for co-ops Co-op News 6 rural skills and crafts, Honeysuckle Wholefoods co-op, Co-operatives UK (websites service), Deassartation School co-op
20051115 15/11/2005 RSPCA's salute to Co-op Group Co-op News 6 The Co-operative Group (animal welfare), RSPCA
20051115 15/11/2005 College launches ethical learning Co-op News 6 Gareth Thomas MP, Department for International Development (DFID), Co-op College, Ethical Trading Initiative
20051115 15/11/2005 It's two cheers for the special offers Co-op News 7 in-store promotions and offers in co-op shops
20051115 15/11/2005 Village shops are fastest growing social enterprise Co-op News 7 Village Retail Services Association (ViRSA), Plunkett Foundation, community owned shops, Small Business Service
20051115 15/11/2005 CFSrenew the Bill sponsorship Co-op News 7 Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), The Bill - ITV television
20051115 15/11/2005 United's travel offereing Co-op News 7 United Co-op Travel Group (on-line bookings)
20051115 15/11/2005 Robert Howarth name change Co-op News 7 Robert Howarth clothing business, Mandate Clothing
20051115 15/11/2005 Travelcare aims to expand off high street Co-op News 8 Amanda Williams, Travelcare
20051115 15/11/2005 Midlands appoint Deputy Chief Co-op News 8 Martyn Cheatle, Midlands Co-op
20051115 15/11/2005 Social Enterprise's bid to get youngsters on board Co-op News 8 Social Enterprise Day , Young Social Enterprise magazine
20051115 15/11/2005 Thousands mark Credit Union Day Co-op News 9 Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Midlands Co-op, Credit Union Day, Wilf Lee
20051115 15/11/2005 The Delia Smith of Fairtrade... Susan Press 10 Fairtrade, Clipper Tea, Carol Voysey, Alistair Carmichael MSP, Scottish co-op, Lerwick (Shetland Islands)
20051115 15/11/2005 Talent TV influences the social sector Kevin McGrother 11 talent TV shows - social enterprise sector, Keith Stoker, talentSTAR Community Interest Company, Adam Chetter
20051115 15/11/2005 Lincolnshire CDA showcases co-operatives Co-op News 11 Ellcee , Lincolnshire Co-operative Development Agency, Lincoln City Football Club, Charles Cooke, Hill Holt Wood
20051115 15/11/2005 Credit Union explosion helping movement thrive Stirling Smith 12 Africa (credit unions), workers rights, Uganda Co-operative Alliance, Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCO's)
20051115 15/11/2005 When is a free range egg not a free range egg? Co-op News 13 avian flu, John Widdowson, "free range" egg production, Philip Lymbery, Compassion in World Farming Trust, British Free Range Egg Producers Association, animal welfare