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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20051004 04/10/2005 UK's influence on international co-op movement grows Iain Williamson 10 Bob Burlton, ICA General Assembly (Cartagena, Colombia), International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Consumer Co-operative International
20051004 04/10/2005 Four years of progress celebrated Iain Williamson 10 dotcoop, Neil Homer, Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op (Co-operative Domains)
20051004 04/10/2005 Ignore core values at your peril Iain Williamson 10 ICA General Assembly (Cartagena, Colombia), Alban D'Amours, co-op values, Sharon Watkins, Johnston Birchall, Enron
20051004 04/10/2005 Scotmid set to axe 170 jobs Co-op News 11 job cuts, Scotmid, John Brodie
20051004 04/10/2005 Rural co-operatives boosted by US Senate Co-op News 11 National Co-operative business Association (NCBA), US Senate, Paul Hazen, Agriculture Department programe (USA)
20051004 04/10/2005 Stornoway's £2m investment Co-op News 11 Scottish co-op (Stornoway)
20051004 04/10/2005 Events Office closes Co-op News 11 Co-operatives UK (Events Office)
20051004 04/10/2005 Book swap shop Co-op News 11 National Children's Book Week, Leeds Co-op
20051004 04/10/2005 Why the US is keeping a close eye on Chavez's quiet revolution Paul Gosling 12 George Bush, Salvador Allende, Venezuela (co-operatives), decentralisation, Cuba, Venezuela, John Vidal, Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua
20051004 04/10/2005 Home is where the heart is for activist Emma Susan Press 13 Worker co-ops, Radical Routes, Triodos Bank, UK Society for Co-operative Studies conference (2005), Community Co-ops, Ecology Building Society, environmental projects, Catalyst Collective Workers Co-op, housing co-ops, Emma Jackson
20051004 04/10/2005 Togertherness the name of the game for Midcounties Dave Bowman 14 Midcounties Co-operative (merger), West Midlands Co-op (merger), Oxford Swindon and Gloucester Co-op (merger), Adrian Barradell
20051004 04/10/2005 Reg Fitch - a man of integrity and humanity Frank Creed 15 Reg Fitch, Co-operative Employers Association, Brighton Society
20051004 04/10/2005 John Dilks Co-op News 15 Midlands Co-op, John Dilks
20051004 04/10/2005 The Co-operative Movement in Tanzania Stirling Smith 16 Fairtrade, coffee farmers, Tanzania, Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCO's), Commission for Africa, Kagera Co-operative Union, Co-op College, co-operatives in Tanzania, Co-op Gold Roast Fairtrade instant coffee
20051004 04/10/2005 Aid for the Somali Voice Kevin McGrother 17 Somali Voice , Somali community, Kayse Maxamed, Bristol, khat
20051004 04/10/2005 Fresh thinking for CIC launch Kevin McGrother 17 Alan Johnson MP, Alun Michael MP, Community Interest Company (CIC)
20051004 04/10/2005 MEMORY LANE: 50 years ago: 25 years ago: 10 years ago Co-op News 19 milk, Dividend, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Graham Melmouth, South Africa
20051004 04/10/2005 New fascia, new understanding David Lazell 20 brand identity, rebranding co-operative stores
20051004 04/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Radical transformation of football clubs needed Dave Boyle 21 Bill Jordan, football, FC Barcelona, Supporters Direct, Joan Laporta
20051004 04/10/2005 'Bread and butter' issues are all important Angela Smith 21 Alun Michael MP, Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill
20051004 04/10/2005 COMMENT Co-op News 21 Labour Party conference (2005)
20051004 04/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Do ignore this latest Mail shot! Adrian Coles 22 The Daily Mail, Building Societies, Paul Gosling
20051004 04/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Why discriminate? Rufus Adams 22 The Co-operative Group, age rule
20051004 04/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Take risks, but don't cut out the members Ken Nolan 22 convenience store acquisitions, The Co-operative Group (cost cutting)
20051004 04/10/2005 NEWS VIEWS: It's what we do with profits that makes us so different Martyn Waites 23 ICA principles, profit, Alan Middleton, United Co-operatives