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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050517 17/05/2005 How the Co-op shaped my life Lord Graham of Edmonton 18 Enfield Highway Co-operative Society, British Federation of Young Co-operators, Co-op College, Independent Co-operative Comission, Co-op Party, Lord Graham's autobiography, Newcastle Co-operative Society, Edmonton, Stanford Hall
20050517 17/05/2005 Making furniture green really works Kevin McGrother 20 All Saints Action Network (ASAN), Green-Works, John Mason, Colin Crooks, furniture
20050517 17/05/2005 Plymouth Co-op gives a local hand Co-op News 20 Tamar View Community Complex, Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society
20050517 17/05/2005 Share issue for ethical bank Co-op News 20 Triodos Bank, Triodos Renewables share issue
20050517 17/05/2005 ICOF updates image to reach social enterprise Co-op News 21 Co-operative and Community Finance, Industrial Common Ownership Finance Ltd (ICOF), Sarah McGeehan, Andrew Hibbert
20050517 17/05/2005 Lincoln's new Secretary enjoys the rural idyll Susan Press 21 Jane Powell, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Turn the Co-op into a disco Ray Henderson 22 European Alidis Co-operative Purchacing Alliance, discounting, Market Town stores, leasehold stores, The Co-operative Group
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Services diminishing Colin Richell 22 The Co-operative Group, selling assets
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Enhance co-op ethics Barbara Panvel 22 Arla Foods, Heart of England Farmers' Co-operative, Dairy Crest, Midlands Co-op, Rounds Co-op, Farmcare
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Is the Co-op Party really necessary? Joe Hannigan, Elizabeth Adams, Basil Loveridge 22 Woodcraft Folk, Co-op Party, Labour Party
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Bring back the 'true divi' Ron Hunter 23 co-operative dividend
20050517 17/05/2005 NEWS VIEWS: Social enterprise paves the way for ethical companies Bill Jordan 23 corporate social responsibility, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship
20050531 31/05/2005 Pain before gain as 600 HQ jobs go Co-op News 1 National Association of Co-operative Officials (NACO), redundancies, USDAW, The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Martin Beaumont
20050531 31/05/2005 Beaumont's six point plan to boost Group Co-op News 2 Martin Beaumont, The Co-operative Group AGM 2005
20050531 31/05/2005 Local sourcing schemes delay Co-op News 2 local produce, The Co-operative Group
20050531 31/05/2005 Time is not right to pay a "living wage" Dave Bowman 3 "living wage", Terry Morton, Nigel Keane , The Co-operative Group AGM 2005
20050531 31/05/2005 Delegates call on bank to axe ATM charges Dave Bowman 3 Graham Bennett, The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Co-op Bank ATM charges
20050531 31/05/2005 Group pledge to improve duck farm standards Dave Bowman 4 RSPCA Freedom Food, animal welfare, Viva! campaign, Terry Morton, The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Martin Alder
20050531 31/05/2005 Congress President candidate receives apology after mix-up Dave Bowman 4 The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Iain MacDonald, Sylvia Jones
20050531 31/05/2005 Group is still strong despite 'unacceptable' results, says Burlton Dave Bowman 4 The Co-operative Group AGM 2005, Co-operative Retailing report, Bob Burlton
20050531 31/05/2005 It's all change Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 Bob Burlton, 'Co-operation Street' , Congress 2005, Terry Hudgton, Martin Beaumont, Co-op brand and image
20050531 31/05/2005 First worker co-op statistics published Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 5 Ben Reid, Co-operatives UK, Worker co-ops
20050531 31/05/2005 Overall society results show five-year improvement Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 6 Ben Reid, Co-op Societies, Pauline Green, The Phone Co-op, Out of This World, Co-operatives UK, Congress 2005, Co-op trading
20050531 31/05/2005 'Co-op needs a phone network' Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 6 Community Broadband Network, Congress 2005, The Phone Co-op, telephone and internet network, Vivian Woodell
20050531 31/05/2005 Age rule stays in place Dave Bowman, Anthony Murray & Kevin McGrother 6 Congress 2005, age rule, David Langham