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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050212 12/02/2005 Co-ops urged to help end poverty Co-op News 1 Gordon Brown, Millennium Development Goals, world poverty, Mutuo, Co-op Party, Gareth Thomas MP, Kofi Annan, Pauline Green, International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
20050212 12/02/2005 More schools sponsored Co-op News 1 Co-operative Schools Movement
20050212 12/02/2005 Co-op Post Office simply the best Co-op News 2 Bristol, post offices, The Co-operative Group
20050212 12/02/2005 Convenience key for UK shoppers Co-op News 2 convenience stores, 'customer loyalty and discounting in retailing', Mintel
20050212 12/02/2005 On-line boost for vegetarians Co-op News 2 vegetarians, Food and Drink Federation
20050212 12/02/2005 Milestone for Heart of England pair Co-op News 3 Michael North, Roger Forrest, Heart of England Co-op
20050212 12/02/2005 Fighting exclusion Colin Richell 3 Stephen Timms MP, Mark Lyonette, Financial Inclusion Task Force
20050212 12/02/2005 Marger strengthens Plunkett Foundation Co-op News 3 Plunkett Foundation, Village Retail Services Association (ViRSA), Susan Knox
20050212 12/02/2005 Tamworth acquisition Co-op News 3 Tamworth Co-op
20050212 12/02/2005 Customer satisfaction drives Hazel! Co-op News 4 Hazel Weaver, West Midlands Co-op
20050212 12/02/2005 Swindon covered Co-op News 4 Parks and Walcot Credit Union - Swindon, Steam Ahead - Swindon
20050212 12/02/2005 Fair trade companies top awards shortlist Co-op News 4 Co-operative Action, Co-op Bank, Fair trade companies, The Fairtrade Foundation, Nigel Griffiths MP, Liam Black, Harriet Lamb, Jamie Oliver, Jonathan Bland
20050212 12/02/2005 MSP praises rural co-ops Co-op News 4 Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society, John Scott MSP
20050212 12/02/2005 CIS seeks young volunteers Co-op News 4 'Enterprise Education', Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), Year of the Volunteer (2005)
20050212 12/02/2005 It's lights, camera, action! Co-op News 5 Co-operative Young Film Makers Festival
20050212 12/02/2005 Revolution for credit unions Co-op News 5 West Midlands Social Economy Partnership, Countryside Agency, Ken Purchase MP, Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL), Advantage West Midlands
20050212 12/02/2005 Funeralcare launches academy of excellence Co-op News 5 Delia Fletcher, Mark State, Barry Marchant, Funeralcare Academy, John Williamson
20050212 12/02/2005 OUR VIEW: The 'nearly man' of New Labour? Co-op News 6 Tony Blair, “New Labour”
20050212 12/02/2005 Making Britain a brighter place Phil Hope 6 'Cleaner, Safer, Greener' programme, ' Sustainable Communities: Building for the Future' report
20050212 12/02/2005 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 6 National Co-operative Festival Society, Lord Home, East Mercia Co-operative Society
20050212 12/02/2005 POSTBAG: Is there a co-op difference on pay? Bill Jordan 11 Sainsbury, Retail Co-op boards - pay, Bob Stack, National Association of Pension Funds
20050212 12/02/2005 POSTBAG: Reional Assembly idea still a runner Chris Herries 11 Bill Jordan, Co-operative Development Associations, English regional assemblies, Co-operatives South West
20050212 12/02/2005 POSTBAG: Missing chance to get message across Edgar Evans 11 the changing co-op culture
20050212 12/02/2005 POSTBAG: Co-op College and its legacy Brian Townsend 11 Co-op College Stanford Hall
20050212 12/02/2005 POSTBAG: Ready market for a pharmacy Ray Manning 11 John Makepeace, South Wales - pharamacy network