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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20050108 08/01/2005 Festive spirits still high Co-op News 4 Semi-Chem, Scotland Cancer Awareness Project
20050108 08/01/2005 Fund for activists to visit Palestine Co-op News 4 Palestine, the Middle East, Olive Co-operative
20050108 08/01/2005 Co-op named as a top healthy retailer Co-op News 4 The Co-operative Group, Health Responsibility Index, Christine Clarke, National Consumer Council (NCC)
20050108 08/01/2005 First Fairtrade credit union in UK Co-op News 4 Fairtrade Credit Union, Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: Labour is the only party for Government Bill Jordan 6 David Marchesi, Labour Party, 'Co-operative Agenda for Labour’
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: Combine to increase Group's buying power Ray Henderson 6 Somerfield, Lucie, European co-op buying groups, The Co-operative Group, Alidis
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: To a healthy Co-op Fred Roberts 6 National Consumer Council (NCC), Co-op Retail Societies, healthy eating
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: Why are they leaving? Iain McCallum 6 Co-op executives
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: Palestinians oppressed Faith Minnion 6 Israel, Palestine, Arnold Roth
20050108 08/01/2005 POSTBAG: Investment is crucial Bob Frayne 6 Neville Cox, Ken Nolan, department stores
20050108 08/01/2005 Co-operative values should be enshrined in education corriculum Lorraine Barrett 7 school curriculum (Wales), Education and Learning Wales, co-operative education
20050108 08/01/2005 OUR VIEW: Here's to a happy and peaceful 2005 Co-op News 7 Tony Blair, General Election, George Bush, Labour Party
20050108 08/01/2005 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 West Hartlepool Society, Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS), CWS computer group, London Society, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society
20050108 08/01/2005 Much to be proud of in a difficult year (2004) Martin Beaumont 10 The Co-operative Group report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Education empowers communities Mervyn Wilson 10 Toad Lane, Rochdale Pioneers, Co-op College report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Credit unions gaining credibility Mark Lyonette 10 credit unions, ABCUL report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 United determined to meet any challenges Peter Marks 11 Quality Fare, United Co-operatives report (2004), Neighbours food chain
20050108 08/01/2005 Co-operation takes to the world stage Iain Macdonald 11 International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Synergy the way ahead Barbara Rogers 11 National Federation of Progressive Co-operators report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Continued growth for Midlands Co-op Willie Tucker 12 Midlands Co-op report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Successful and exciting year for social enterprise Jonathan Bland 12 Social Enterprise Coalition report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 Penrith's open invitation John Tompkins 12 Penrith Society
20050108 08/01/2005 Guild is working for peace Edna Marshall 12 Millennium Development Goals, Co-operative Women’s Guild report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 2004 brought us greater co-operation Pauline Green 13 "Power to the People" conference, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affaire (DEFRA), Co-operatives UK report (2004)
20050108 08/01/2005 A tough year, but one full of opportunity Bob Burlton 13 The Co-operative Group review (2004)