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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20041120 20/11/2004 CIS to close 106 district offices Co-op News 1 Mervyn Pedelty, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
20041120 20/11/2004 Brampton aims for Fairtrade status Colin Richell 2 North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op, Fairtrade Towns, Brampton
20041120 20/11/2004 Scotmid profits power ahead Co-op News 2 trading figures, Scotmid, Colin Bird
20041120 20/11/2004 Future Travel's homeworking award Co-op News 2 United Co-operatives, Future Travel
20041120 20/11/2004 Co-op doubts on shop theft move Co-op News 3 USDAW, penalty notices initiative, Martin Beaumont, shop-lifters
20041120 20/11/2004 Fostering a sense of community Co-op News 3 Community Foster Care, Suzanna Jacoby, Enterprising Solutions Award
20041120 20/11/2004 Recycling award Co-op News 3 Closing the Loop recycling initiative, The Co-operative Group
20041120 20/11/2004 Funeral staff a hit Co-op News 4 Co-op funeral employees, North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op
20041120 20/11/2004 Travelcare wins internet award Co-op News 4 Travelcare, 'Best Online Travel Agent'
20041120 20/11/2004 United tops the Co-op giving list Co-op News 4 United Co-operatives, Co-operative Charitable foundation
20041120 20/11/2004 Bill Wheeler dies at 65 Co-op News 4 Bill Wheeler, Southern Co-operatives
20041120 20/11/2004 16 retail co-ops sign the green revolution Co-op News 5 green electricity, The Co-operative Group
20041120 20/11/2004 Leeds Co-op helps dream come true Co-op News 6 Leeds United Football Club, Leeds Co-op, Kjell Skjerven
20041120 20/11/2004 College achieves quality milestone Co-op News 6 ISO 9001 quality standard, Co-op College, Chris Cooper
20041120 20/11/2004 Co-op Group backs Fairshare charity Co-op News 6 FareShare, Kevin Barker, The Co-operative Group, Tony Lowe
20041120 20/11/2004 Co-op Bank and CIS sponsor The Bill Co-op News 6 Co-op Bank, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS), The Bill - ITV television
20041120 20/11/2004 Overseas aid on the agenda Mike Gapes 7 World Trade Organisation (WTO), European Union, Trade Justice Movement, Common Agricultural Policy, Commission for Africa
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Gambling is a recepie for disaster Len Burch 10 Labour Party, Nottingham, Gambling Bill
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Labour embraces Co-op solutions Bill Jordan 10 ‘The Co-operative Agenda for Labour’, Baroness Glenys Thornton
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Hunting with dogs Bill Knock 10 Eddie McDonnell, hunting with dogs
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Farewell to a dear friend Frank Talbot 10 Pam Walsh
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Will we ever catch Tesco's juggernaut? Steve Healey 11 The Co-operative Group, Martin Beaumont, Tesco
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Reaping as we sow Martin Rogan 11 the Middle East, Frank Adam
20041120 20/11/2004 POSTBAG: Post Office role Jack Andrews 11 Co-op Party, Co-op stores, post offices
20041120 20/11/2004 The Goods Shed co-op produces the goods Kevin McGrother 12 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the Soil Association, The Goods Shed (Canterbury), Organic Food Awards (2004), The Better Food Company (Bristol), Martin Cottingham