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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20041023 23/10/2004 Southern Co-ops' winning partnership Colin Richell 2 Southern Co-operatives, Zero Tolerence campaign, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
20041023 23/10/2004 Fairtrade status for Brighton Co-op News 2 Fairtrade City status, Brighton and Hove
20041023 23/10/2004 MSP to lodge proof-of-age motion Co-op News 2 proof of age schemes, Sarah Boyack MSP
20041023 23/10/2004 Lincoln's pharmacy award Co-op News 3 Coventry Primary Care Trust, pharmacy, Lincolnshire Co-operative Society
20041023 23/10/2004 Funeralcare 'saddened' by prospect of strike Co-op News 3 TGWU, Phil Davies, Co-operative Funeralcare, Incomes Data Services, GMB Union, Ian Crawford
20041023 23/10/2004 Post Office delight Co-op News 3 Shawlands Co-op Post Office, Post Office branch awards
20041023 23/10/2004 Travelcare's grand Newcastle opening Co-op News 4 Travelcare, Kingston Park
20041023 23/10/2004 MP applauds mutual move Co-op News 4 Association of Mutual Insurers, Adrian Bailey MP
20041023 23/10/2004 Restructure aiming to grow Funeralcare Co-op News 4 Andrew George, Funeralcare, Colin Rickman
20041023 23/10/2004 Childcare move from Co-ops UK Co-op News 4 Co-operative Action, childcare development project, Helen Seymour, Co-operatives UK, Sarah Lees
20041023 23/10/2004 Morrisons deal is pure speculation Co-op News 4 Office of Fair Trading (OFT), The Co-operative Group, Morrisons
20041023 23/10/2004 Lowry returns to Salford Co-op News 6 Lowry - footbridge painting, Lowry - pastel drawing
20041023 23/10/2004 Make yours a Fairtrade town Co-op News 6 Fairtrade Towns, Co-op College, Brad Hill, Harriet Lamb
20041023 23/10/2004 Why we must resist a European constitution Ian Davidson MP 7 Regional Aid, European Constitution, Economic Policy, European Union
20041023 23/10/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Lewisham - worker co-ops, York Society, CWS soap
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Australia leads credit union way Geraint Day 10 Australia - credit unions
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Ethnic cleansing by the Britisj shames us all Ivor King 10 Diego Garcia, CIS Ethnic Policy
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Is Tesco targeting Co-op? Alistair Graham 10 Ray Henderson, Cinderford (Forest of Dean), Tesco, Lydney Arts Festival
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Sort out labelling please Isabelle Birch 10 labelling, wheat-free products, gluten-free products
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Arms control move welcome Mike Gapes & Kate Pattison 11 Jack Straw MP, Control Arms Campaign
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Blair: no more than Thatcher in disguise David Marchesi 11 NHS, state school system, David Drew MP, quangos, Lowick School - Cumbria
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Israel must go Iain Wylie 11 Israel, Chris Godber
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Movement not to blame for Co-op Group failures Colin Richell 11 Peter Copperwheat, selling off assets
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Falling standards J Cottle 11 Martin Beaumont, food sales
20041023 23/10/2004 POSTBAG: Roaming dangers Eddie McDonnell 11 Alun Michael MP, hunting