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Edition Date Title of Article Author Page Keywords
20041016 16/10/2004 Guild's anniversary trip to Rochdale Co-op News 5 Rochdale Pioneers Museum, Wyndham Co-operative Women's Guild
20041016 16/10/2004 Step up for United pair Co-op News 5 Peter Marks, Mike Austin, United Co-operatives, John Nuttall
20041016 16/10/2004 Fairtrade Foundation is Charity of Year Co-op News 5 Harriet Lamb, Charity Awards, The Fairtrade Foundation
20041016 16/10/2004 Farmcare expands with acquisition Co-op News 5 Farmcare, Christine Tacon, The Co-operative Group, Littlecote Farm
20041016 16/10/2004 Pensions' double first Co-op News 6 pensions
20041016 16/10/2004 New savings account a hit Co-op News 6 Co-operative Group Members Savings Account, Co-op Bank
20041016 16/10/2004 salt lobby fights back Co-op News 6 Salt Manufacturers Association (SMA)
20041016 16/10/2004 The Rochdale Principles: a case for Sherlock Holmes David Lazell 7 Co-op College, Arnold Bonner, Rochdale Principles
20041016 16/10/2004 OUR VIEW: The real message behing 'Fit & Fruity' Co-op News 7 labelling, Co-op shopping, Panarama (BBC TV)
20041016 16/10/2004 THE WAY WE WERE: 100 years ago: 50 years ago: 25 years ago Co-op News 7 Sir Arthur Sugden (retirement), Nantymoel Society - Glamorgan, CWS tea packers
20041016 16/10/2004 Is the Co-op still driving the Fairtrade market? Brad Hill 8 Marks & Spencer, The Co-operative Group, Fairtrade
20041016 16/10/2004 POSTBAG: Hasty acquisitions behind profit slump Colin Richell 10 The Co-operative Group, food profits
20041016 16/10/2004 POSTBAG: Movement has a natural synergy with Labour Bill Jordan 10 Labour Party, Trades Union Congress (TUC), Rev. Hugh Bridge
20041016 16/10/2004 POSTBAG: What about PMs achievements? Edony Verbrugge 10 Tony Blair, R. W. Martakes
20041016 16/10/2004 POSTBAG: Tyrants keep oil flowing Martin Rogan 10 Frank Adam, Arab countries
20041016 16/10/2004 POSTBAG: Reform the Upper House Cllr Adrian Knapper 10 Vic Parks, PR voting system, House of Lords
20041016 16/10/2004 New publication charts Penrith's co-op history Dave Bowman 11 Co-operative Societies of the Northern Pennines, Keith Hood, Penrith Society, Lazonby and District Co-operative Society, Cumbrian co-op
20041016 16/10/2004 Children's reading through the lettrebox Kevin McGrother 12 Mantra Lingua Publishing, Letterbox Library, Sally Hill, Robene Dutta, Mai Kim Stern, Kerry Mason, OFSTED, black history
20041016 16/10/2004 SHOP TALK: Barclaycard deal: Sainsbury deadline: M&S faces exodus The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Scotsman 12 Justin King, House of Fraser
20041016 16/10/2004 Co-operation crucial to challenge's success Co-op News 13 smile internet banking, David Hempleman-Adams
20041016 16/10/2004 THE WORLD OF CO-OPERATION Anthony Murray 13 Calgary Co-operative Association, Co-op Islami
20041016 16/10/2004 Co-operative Action News Co-operative Action 16 Co-operative Development
20041023 23/10/2004 Heart of England names Kurji as Cheif Executive Co-op News 1 Heart of England Co-op, Ali Kurji
20041023 23/10/2004 United doubles charity giving Co-op News 1 United Co-operatives Charitable Foundation
20041023 23/10/2004 £3,000 boost for Worcester school Co-op News 2 Community Dividend grant